Monday, June 15, 2015

MEDICINAL MARIJUANA Legalized in ROCKtropia Virtual Reality

MEDICINAL MARIJUANA Legalized in ROCKtropia Virtual Reality!!

June 15th 2015 Latest New VU Blues!!!

Over 3000 Fixes relating to quests, triggers, balancing, mob parameters, dungeons, items, models

NOTE: Dungeons Must Be re-activated by Mindark to Enter!

Caves (Total of 20 Dungeon Experiences Fixed)

- Fixed bug where dynamite cannot be placed.
- Increased dungeon length from 1 hour to 1.5 hours for low level dungeons
- Increased dungeon time limit from 2 hours to 3 hours for mid and high level dungeons.
- Added track based lighting in underwater caves for easier navigation.
- Removed keys from underwater locations
- Added lanterns to clearly indicate key positions.
- Reduced Foe Spawn to a more manageable level

Booty Raids (Total of 20 Dungeon Experiences Fixed)

- Fixed bug where time in caused 1st objective not to appear
- Fixed bug where avatars become trapped when using doors or trying to pass through doors (Not tested tallest possible avatar WARNING)
- Fixed bug causing door explosion 2 not to trigger.
- Fixed occlusion blocker preventing smashing of glass on lootbox.

Crib Raids (Total of 20 Dungeon Experiences Fixed)

-Fixed issues where final door leading to loot box would not open.
-Added extra fix where in the event the door does not trigger the door will become de-physicalized and can be trespassed to reach the loot box.
-Fixed landing spot in sewers where it was possible to get stuck between the sewer wall and destructible glass.

Sewers (Total of 20 Dungeon Experiences Fixed)

-Added RED FLARE Markers to the quickest way through the sewers. You can’t get lost now.


-Fixed issue where climbing the pipes was impossible. Removed climbing element and replaced it with simple stairs to reach the roof.


-Fixed issue causing foes to spawn inside the center columns. Center columns have been removed.
-Fixed issue where shooting firewall was not possible.
-Fixed issue where it was possible to get locked out of the firewall. This mechanic has been removed you will never be locked out of the firewall.

General Fixes

Fixed npc animations that were causing npcs to trigger the wrong animations.
Fixed name on Zombie Kong Teleporter. Now named “Empire Z Tower”
Thing Blood found in the Arctic is now called “Cold THING Blood”
Thing Blood found on Rocktropia is now called “Warm THING Blood”
Cold THING Blood can now be refined into Warm THING Blood (Ratio 1:1)
Performance and Optimizations across all servers.
Particle Reduction and Optimization to reduce crashing on multiple particle effects
Fixed size of Tommy Gun. Fits better in hands.
Removed Speed Metal From Zombie Kong Loot
All police Quest Mission Triggers Moved To Ground Level and placed on roadways. Driving around main roadway around COD will trigger them provided you are a cop.
Street Kings given individual names based on stats for easier identification.
Fixed Quest Triggers for over 30 quests where one would have to fly into quest trigger to activate. All quests have been brought to ground level and are triggered in relevant spots such as roadways, paths, and entrances.
Fixed skill progression on Tommy Gun SE it now follows proper BLP progression.
Removed duplicate name on teleporter ROCKtropia Research Facility. To avoid confusion the TP found near snow caps is now called Ice Station
Fixed TP Rickenback Ridge where it was impossible to utilize


You can now equip amps in outer ring. Is currently Designated Outdoor Mining Area.

Unconfirmed Rumors!!

Unlicensed Fight Clubs popping up in New Harlem.
Old Harlem struggling with Wolf Problems. Local Law enforcement offering rewards for Help.
Shipment of Police Weapons Stolen! Officers preparing Crib raids to recover stolen goods.
Demon Hackers Trafficking Modified Vixens
Demon unrest in Hell! Ominous implications. Explore Club Hell with Caution.
Ore Black market operated by thieves in Hell suspected of rewarding Stolen Skills to miners.
Cartographers excited that only one Map Fragment still needed in search for KING KONG!

Known Issues - To Be fixed for upcoming Patch!

Travel Agent not yet providing Transport to Secret Destination.. Please Don't give her your bananas!!!!

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