Monday, June 15, 2015

Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.6

Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.6

June 15 2015

New Content :

. New Quests :
Introducing The New Quwa Challenges

Find NPC Moftah at the Guardian Village, who will direct you towards the Quwa Challenge NPCs for each mob.

*Note: The 3 missions (Hunt 100 Duhol) ( Hunt 100 Jeef Qaher) ( Hunt 100 Thawr) have been included to the Quwa Challenge as Stage 1 of each.

Quwa Challenge For Qaffaz
Quwa Challenge For Duhol
Quwa Challenge For Jeef Qaher
Quwa Challenge For Thawr

. New Wave Spawners For

Wave Spawner for Qaffaz (Boss: Jallad)
Wave Spawner for Duhol (Boss : Abu Dabas)
Wave Spawner for Jeef Qaher (Boss: Zaeem)
Wave Spawner for Thawr (Boss: Qalbain)

. New Lootable Weapons :

Carbine Sahra MK5
Carbine Sahra MK6
Carbine Sahra MK7
Pistol Hojoom G5
Pistol Hojoom G6
Pistol Hojoom G7
Pistol Salafa G4
Pistol Salafa G5
Pistol Salafa G6
Pistol Dakhim G4
Pistol Dakhim G5
Pistol Dakhim G6

. New Lootable Armor :

Zeraf Armor

. New Mobs Loot :

Duhol Hand Band
Duhol Sack bones
Qaffaz Nail
Qaffaz Tail
Jeef Qaher Core Part
Jeef Qaher Soup
Thawr Wing
Bahri Skin
Caboria Shell

. New Blueprints For

- Components.


- Texture :

Sunburst Texture
Yashib Texture

. New Achievements added.

Fixes :

Fixed stripes for Elder Coat.
Fixed Qaffaz Texture.
Fixed thumbnails For several items.
Various terrain fixes.

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