Monday, June 15, 2015

CLD Estate Plots

The latest Version Update brings the first stage of the long-awaited CLD Estates system. Calypso Land Deed (CLD) holders will have the opportunity to use their CLDs to bid on CLD Estate plots located in two beautiful new residential locations. New settlements with additional CLD Estate plots will be added in upcoming Version Updates.

Development of structures on CLD Estates will be implemented in Autumn 2015, with larger plots planned to accommodate more advanced structures with potential commercial functions such as shopping and more.

Plots are available in four standard sizes and will offer different development opportunities depending on size.

CLD Plot Types

Plot Type Plot Size Start Req. Min. Req. Additional Req.

Small 20 x 20 m 27 CLD 9 CLD

Small+ 40 x 20 m 54 CLD 18 CLD 1500 x Composite Plank

Medium 40 x 40 m 81 CLD 27 CLD 3000 x Composite Plank

Large 60 x 60 m 162 CLD 54 CLD 5000 x Composite Plank

Claiming CLD Estate Plots

CLD Estate plots will become available on Wednesday, June 17.

CLD Estate plots are claimed with Calypso Land Deeds. To claim a plot, interact with the Plot Terminal located with the normal Estate Terminal near each plot. ***Note that the Plot Terminals will not be visible until the plots become available on June 17***

The Plot Terminal will display the Address and current CLD Requirement to claim the plot, along with the time remaining until the next requirement update when the CLD Requirement will decrease (until the minimum CLD Requirement is reached).

Larger plots may also have an additional requirement in the form of building materials; unlike the CLD Requirement, additional requirements do not decrease over time.

Plot Terminal

After clicking the Buy button, a confirmation dialog will appear confirming the conversion of the required Calypso Land Deeds to Calypso Land Deed (X) items to claim the selected plot.

Plot Terminal Confirmation

Calypso Land Deeds (X) continue to receive weekly CLD revenue, but can no longer be used to claim CLD Estate plots.

Note that some of the plots in the new settlements are reserved for future use and are not able to be claimed. Each settlement features a large bazaar in the center as well as service centers on the outskirts and small 10x10m plots for monuments and other functions.

Southern Ithaca Settlement

Southern Ithaca Settlement

Southeast of Fort Ithaca
Coordinates: 70886, 85778

Number of plots: 58
Size Small - 20 x 20 - 39 Plots
Size Small+ - 40 x 20 - 13 Plots
Size Medium - 40 x 40 - 4 Plots
Size Large - 60 x 60 - 2 Plots

Livas Settlement

Livas Settlement

Northeast of Livas
Coordinates: 66449, 85449

Number of Plots: 48
Size Small - 20 x 20 - 32 Plots
Size Small+ -40 x 20 - 9 Plots
Size Medium - 40 x 40 - 6 Plots
Size Large - 60 x 60 - 1 Plot

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