Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why the Average Player Can't Make Money in Entropia Universe

One thing that people gravitate to in MMORPG's is making lots of money/gold/coins etc. Making a living is one of those things that people transfer over from their real life personas to their online gaming life. For most games, such as World of Warcraft, there is a closed economy and therefore it is relatively easy to make money as there is no real exchange rate for that money into physical currency. Once you make the transition into a game with a fixed exchange rate to real money, it becomes increasingly difficult because you are now essentially playing a game where you are trying to bet against other players and the creators of the game. This bet is that you can somehow take more out of the game than you are putting in via money or time or both.

The interesting thing is that with this game you are essentially playing against everyone else playing. The important point behind this is that you cannot rely on other people in the game to help you make a lot of money. The people who spend time going around looking for guides and other tools need to realize that people are looking out for themselves because while it may look like they want you to succeed, it is in their best interest to have you spend a lot of money in the game so that they can hopefully make more money from your mistakes.

Do you want to be better than average? You can't just play the game and go sweat for 10 hours because you are making little money and wasting your time. The max that people make by sweating was $3 an hour. This is half of what minimum wage currently is in the U.S. and therefore not appropriate for your time. That being said, this is what the average player will do in Entropia so you need to do more than that. Think outside the box and begin to question what the 'experts' say. In order to be successful, you need to build yourself up into a money making machine. No one can't tell you what that is but be creative in your expeditions. There is no one way to make money and no amount of reading will tell you how to do it but if you think about what other players want and how you can get it to them, you will make money.

One good way to do this is to specialize. If you take one or two skills and make them your entire goal, you will become a master of them. When you are a master, people will come to you in order to get things done and get what you have to offer. The average people in the game will go out and try to learn as many things as possible, which is fun, but will require you to spend money to do pretty much anything. Your aim is to be on the other side of that and be the provider for the 'stupid' players who just want to have fun. The best part about this is that if you become a master of something, you will have so much money from fulfilling other people's goals that you can do whatever you want and actually have a good time playing the game.


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  3. From my experience, the surveys and other things that you do for in-game money on any game is an identity thief's dream. Not to mention it can cause a marketing nightmare for the user. You will receive phone calls from insurance agents, college recruiters, etc. if you start giving your information out to surveys and other "simple tasks". Don't do it.

    1. That is not what CF (or EP) is about.
      They don't wan't your personal stuff, no number etc., you just click on digger guy, write on forum and do task (like for example tagging inapropirate photos) and you gain PEDs. It is not paid greatly, but also it is not scam or something that will eat your soul or make you get bankroted on phone bills :)

      And to I show you I mean it, I won't even leave my affi link here:)
      Just check it, you will see it is not what you think :)

  4. Like the idea of specializing on a skill. But how do you select just one to focus on? There are so many.

    1. take anatomy for example that thing is in high demand for those that won't go into space and train on a MS/privateer, it's used to finnish your Discipleship.... or look at evade and even dodge... for a hunter evade is the single most useful skill as dodge is for tincan hunters

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  6. $3/hour, yes that is half minimum wage, but more than I get with no job at all! Think I will try this. Thank you!

  7. hello :D sorry to bother you. is it hard to reach to the point of making $3/hour? thank you i hope you can help me

  8. you made a mistake .. you typed 3$ / hour , is 0.03$ / hour

  9. What the hell is fun about a game you need real money for. Rather play the stock market. At least 10% of traders are profitable and it's not like the markets are ever going to be obsolete.

  10. 24 years old with 9.38k and entered the market july. my portfolio is up 8%. first time stock trader

  11. 24 years old with 9.38k and entered the market july. my portfolio is up 8%. first time stock trader

  12. This game is for rich people sux too

  13. If you solely sweat and do nothing else; then yes; you are doomed in this game. What needs to happen is sweat buy something under MU (even muscle oil at like 101% lets say) then resell at 102% put your money to work for you. Then you can break the $3.00/hr with sweating into something more profitable. This game is all about who you know and who they know and your standing in the community. Act like a fool and spam trade you get ignored which is potential customer loss. People aren't actively playing against you it's like blackjack everyone vs the house I can't get mad when people global or hof that is just like saying you would be mad if someone playing a slot machine won and you didn't.

  14. Sweat is going for 1.5PED ($1.5) per 1.000 units max nowadays (expect to get 1.3 or even 1.2 if you dont want to stand around for hours finding a buyer) . The maximum sweat you can get per hour is 500.

    So anno 2017 sweating will give you an income of $0.60/hour to max $0.75/hour.

  15. And I made the same mistake as writer...

    1.5PED is $0.15

    So anno 2017 sweating will give you an income of $0.06/hour to max $0.075/hour.

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