Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diablo 3 Guest Pass

Bellow you will find 4 Guest Passes for Diablo 3 and 2 Guest Passes for World of Warcraft. Be quick to use them or other will get them before you. One pass can be used only one time.

Diablo III Starter Edition provides players the ability to try out a limited version of Diablo III. Guest Pass keys allow a player to give friends the opportunity to play the Starter Edition of Diablo III. Guest Pass keys are included in all box copies of Diablo III.

Players on Starter Edition game licenses have the following restrictions:
  • Act I up to the Skeleton King is available
  • Level 13 cap
  • Matchmaking available only with other Starter Edition players
  • No Real Money Auction House access
  • How do I get the Diablo III Starter Edition?

Log into your Account Management page and navigate to the Download Game Clients section. The Diablo III Starter Edition will be available for download there.

Players without a account can create one, and then download the Starter Edition.

Note: The Diablo III Starter Edition will not be available without a Guest Pass until further notice.
How do I download the Diablo III Starter Edition?

Navigate to the Download Game Clients section of your Account Management page and click the icon for your operating system under the Diablo III heading.
How do I upgrade from Starter Edition to the full version of Diablo III?

Log into Account Management and select your copy of Diablo III Starter Edition on the Game Account list. On your Diablo III Starter Edition Game Management page, you will see your upgrade options on the right-hand side.

Here are my Diablo 3 Guest Passes:

 And here are the guest Passes for World of Warcraft:


  1. thanks :)
    used last diablo (7XV....)

  2. missed it. any more passes please??

  3. A guest pass ain't enough for me. It's great you shared them though. :)

    Buy WoW Account

  4. Please.. I need a pass. post more please


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