Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Planet Cyrene VU Notes March 17th, 2015

New Additions
- A.R.C. Faction Rank 2 is now available once a player reaches 500 A.R.C. Faction Badges.
- A.R.C. Faction Rank 2 has several new rewards including a free blueprint from Zorra for an A.R.C. Lancer.
- - New Rank 2 Missions - Player Choice Mining Or Crafting
---Player Choice #1
---Player Choice #2
---Player Choice #3
---Player Choice #4
---Player Choice #5
- Approximately 80 new weapons that have been placed on all Cyrene creatures level 1 through 31, BLP Pistol / Rifle, Laser Pistol / Rifle, Short and Long Blades.
- Sweetstuff and Force Nexus are now able to be mined on Planet Cyrene.

- A new dedicated spawn of lower player creatures has been established outside of the Rookie Training Area.
- Several new maturities have been unlocked for the following creatures
-- Mang Chang
-- Rhino Beetle
-- Merfolken
-- Living Vortex
- A.R.C. Faction Rank 1 now also has a sweat turn in mission: 500 Vibrant Sweat for 1x A.R.C. Faction Badge (daily)
- The following A.R.C. daily missions have been changed:
--A.R.C. Faction Mission - Stage 1 - Daily - Hunter Zyn'Dos is now Swamp Lurker Prime
--A.R.C. Faction Mission - Stage 1 - Daily - Merfolken Raiders is now Scout Bot Collector XT
-Changes to the A.R.C. Rank 1 Rewards:
--The A.R.C. Initiate Armor is now called Stolen Imperium Armor, this armor will not be available at the Rank 1 Stage of A.R.C. once the VU goes live, however, after the Mini Patch this armor will be able to be acquired for a limited time at a different NPC.
- The following creatures have had their capsules fixed and shouldn't get too close to the player hit box:
-- Mang Chang
-- Rhino Beetle
-- Paneleon
- The following creatures have had their hit box adjusted:
-- Tide Claw
-- Tree Dragon
- Fixes to many typographical and grammatical errors.
- Improved Water transparency and visibility
- Improved Day / Night cycle (this will continue to be adjusted).

The Hub
- Pets are no longer allowed in the Hub.
- Various collision issues have been adjusted.

Known Issues
- Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
- The Spear MK. III is difficult to maneuver, this is being looked into.
- The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
- All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
- Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.
- Many of the new weapons released have too much ammo burn and will be corrected in the Mini Patch.

Coming in the Mini Patch
- Topography Changes to many of the high mountains at Mer Beach, Ngu Volcano, and Robot Base Z.R.Q.
- A n00b Mini-Chain to create a Refurbished S.I. Heart (avatar bound).
- Improved summoning for Lazidol and the Empis Wasp Queen.
- Summoning Mob location near Eve's Playground that will allow players to summon and kill special mobs to earn more A.R.C. Faction Badges (provided that you are already at or over 200 A.R.C Faction Badges).

*As always, please allow time for all missions to be activated and items to be added to the loot pool*

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