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Planet Arkadia Update 2015.2 Release Notes

Planet Arkadia Update 2015.2 Release Notes (17 March 2015)

The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2014.4. This information is provided, to the extent that the IFN and ACA are at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!

New Content

Breaking News

A Scott & Barlow cargo ship has been shot down whilst entering Arkadia's atmosphere. IFN are investigating, sources close to the IFN are suggesting this can only be the work of the Smugglers. During it's entry the ship broke up before crashing into a mountanside in the arctic region. As a result, a substantial shipment of weaponry intended for the community of Arkadia has been lost. The ships manifest shows several different weapon models on board including Laser Weapons, BLP weapons, Longblades and Shortblades. IFN officials are requesting colonists to inspect the wreckage and to salvage anything they can find before the Smugglers get their hands on them.

It is also believed they had a large sample of Piron attachments.

Stables on Arkadia now have a temporary stable building, so you will clearly see where the stable is located.

  • Celeste Outpost Stable – cords 27288, 11014
  • Redoubtable Firebase Stable – cords 23159, 21662
  • Resolute Firebase Stable – cords 30121, 17284

Pandi pet has its own model now, and to keep the Nusuls happy we decided to give them the same upgrade.

The Smugglers are attempting to seize control of the high ground in the arctic zone, colonists are requested by the IFN to engage the Smugglers and prevent them from occupying the area. A reminder - A toxic shot is required to enter the area.

Sounds have once again returned to Planet Arkadia. As part of a high priority project for 2015 the first major upgrade to Arkadia's soundscape has been implemented. Environmental, creature and weapons sounds have been added. Further sound upgrades will be made with each update this year.

Feran have started to breed faster resulting in their younger maturities appearing in increased numbers. This could be why there seem to be a smaller population of other low level creatures in certain areas as Feran are known to hunt them on occasion.


Event Area 2 has been relocated close to Courageous Firebase Academy.
At Event Area 3 ACA scientists have observed a Tiarak assault on the Riptor that used to inhabit the area. Riptor have been displaced, now only Tiarak of various maturity left.
IFN HQ Teleporter in Celeste Harbour is once again connected to the network so you can teleport directly to the HQ if needed.

Land Area Name changes

Dark Knights Island (previously: Arkadia Land Area 2)
Khorum Coast (previously: Arkadia Land Area 3)
BIG Industries ALA#05 (previously: Arkadia Land Area 5)

The IFN want to warn all their personal that the Oratan Prospectors have now expanded out from their previous locations so we expect that you will act accordingly.

Various adjustments to the IFN mission chain have also been made.

Five (5) shops in Celeste Harbour have had their shop fronts redone

Owner: Juliane Emma Morgan
Location: Celeste Harbour North #3

Enhancer Street
Owner: Michael geats Platzgummer
Location: Celeste Harbour South #5 - #8

Adjustments to mob spawns and other areas to increase the stability has happened all over Arkadia and the Arkadian Underground.

Scoria has had a graphical upgrade and therefor the Scoria Leather Texture is upgraded as well.

​Additional Information

Various bug fixes and improvements have been made.

Due to the graphical upgrade of the Scoria we acknowledge that not everyone would appreciate that their customized items been changed as well, if you feel this has caused your items to have been severely affected please contact Mathias | Arkadia within two (2) weeks for a limited offer to change it to any other Arkadian texture you might want. (Before the change will be approved we will check the item so the texture were applied prior to this message)

Known issues

If for some reason you're trying to hurt the Pandi pup beware that it likes to hide under the ground.
The Aakas instances remain closed until further notice.

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