Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Planet calypso content release 2015.1

Settlement Update

  • Half Moon Bay is a new outpost similar to Camp Icarus, located near Corinth Beach Estates. This new arrival area Will Be Used to help ease traffic server During busy periods.

  • In light of the growing missile threat, the CDF Forces definatley appointed Calypso Advisors to help ENSURE the safety of arriving colonists. Tasked with properly educating the colonists with information vital to survival in Calypso's harsh alien environment, the Calypso Advisors willhelp guide newcomers During theirfirst days on Calypso
  • An eccentric scientist known as Veyg Crenter is rumored to Be Creating any kind of tameable creatures into his rogue laboratory and releasing them on the Atlantis Archipelago islands south of Port Atlantis, Including some very rare and unusual specimens.


  • Nus Lull HAS BEEN relocated slightly to the south.
  • Nearly one hour of new music HAS BEEN Added To The Global Planet Calypso playlist. It Can Be Accessed at: soundcloud.com/entropiauniverse
  • Camp Icarus HAS received a visual update and many improvements havebeen attention to the quests available there.

  • The Gauntlet Organizer now Provides a clearer explanation of the Gauntlets.
  • The Camp Icarus people are a bit more responsive now.
  • The Waste Landers back Orthos'll have mysteriously disappeared and the remnants of Their camp Appear Of Interest to roving robot hostile patrols.
  • Construction work on a new bridge south of Port Atlantis near the popular swamp camp HAS BEEN completed.
  • The Puny Iron Challenge Mission NPC HAS BEEN relocated to a more accessible location near the equipment building entrance.
  • Puny Cornudos creatures now Contribute to completion of Puny Iron Challenge missions.
  • Spawns for Puny Iron Challenge creatures havebeen added around the Atlantis Archipelago teleporter.
  • Chikara Omniworld Corporation HAS ITS Increased Presence in the Atlantis Archipelago by landing an outpost module by the teleporter
  • The Cape Corinth teleporter HAS BEEN slightly relocated and received scheduled maintenance. Colonists willneed to visit The New teleporter location to re-calibrate Their SatNav system in order to access the Cape Corinth destination When using The Planetary teleporter network.
  • The area Previously known as Half Moon Bay is now known as the Half Moon Cove. Improvements to the quests in this area havebeen Implemented.
  • The mission of "Once More Into The Wild" has been Improved.
  • Shopping booths once again feature the red canopies.
  • Restrictions havebeen Implemented to preventable Controlled Creatures from entering or spawning the newcomer Designated Areas Such as Half Moon Bay.
  • Lieutenant Smith now reminds New Arrivals to pick up Their Valkyrie before leaving Thule, IF They have not done so Already.
  • The Thule teleporter at the Port Atlantis Marina now requires confirmation before teleportation ice Initiated.
  • Calypso Home Room HAS BEEN Redesigned
  • Crystalline Cavern HAS BEEN optimized.
  • Thule HAS BEEN optimized.
  • Christmas decorations havebeen removed, alongwith Merry Mayhem NPCs.
  • Vegetation and terrain optimization HAS BEEN Implemented in many areas.

Fixed Issues

  • The Gauntlet Organizer now Ε“the admits Participants with highest professional level of 10 or lower.
  • Avatars arriving on Calypso from space Will now properly spawn above Port Atlantis Mall.
  • Fixed an issue Causing the Hogglo Pygmy to walk instead of run.
  • The Daily Hunter Category 2: Armax Bull - Increased the Amount of creatures spawned in each of the locations indicated resources in the mission.
  • The Daily Hunter Category 2: Armax Cow - Increased the Amount of creatures spawned in each of the locations indicated resources in the Mission
  • The Daily Hunter Category 2: Equus - Increased the Amount of creatures spawned and added a waypoint for the mission.
  • The Cornundacauda pet tricks "Dash" has been corrected to 'rollover'.
  • Fixed disability checkpoints for 'The Long March' mission.
  • The icon for The Reindeer Hat item has been fixed.
  • Several sound optimizations havebeen Implemented, helping to Reduce client size.
  • Fixed an issue Preventing The Private Cooper event item trades from handing out rewards.
  • Colonizer Face Guard and chromatophore Mk.I Face Guard does now Have the correct icon size.

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