Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Scott & Barlow Cargo ship shot down!

From press conference at ACA HQ

Director Bishop: Calm down! I will take your question first Mr. Dee

Reporter Dee: Thank you Director! Can you confirm that the Scott & Barlow cargo ship 602 has been fired upon and forced to make a controlled crash landing?

DB: Yes, we can confirm that. At this point we don’t know who or why the 602 has been fired upon. We don’t know how many survived the landing. We are calling in the IFN reserve to go up to the area and scout for survivors and secure the site.

RD: You have already answered the question “Who?” and “Why?” but would it be too farfetched to assume that the Smugglers are behind the attack?

DB: We don’t like to speculate about it, but we will find out in time who is responsible for this. The perpetrator behind this hideous act endangered the whole planet. We are just lucky that the 602 was not put in such bad condition that it couldn’t land in a controlled way. Mrs. Narang, you are next.

RD : Can you advise what has happened to the contents of the ship?

DB : We believe the contents of the ship have been scattered across the planet.

Reporter Narang: Thank you, Sir! One of my sources, who also witnessed the attack in space, has informed me that the missile seemed to come, and I quote; “out of nowhere”. What is your comment on that ?

DB: I have no comment on that at this point.

Orders for IFN Reserve, Rescue Operation “Shake a Leg”


A. Secure location and rescue survivors from the crash.

B. Secure the cargo

Rules of Engagement:

All IFN personnel are allowed to open fire in self-defense.
All non-IFN personnel at the location should be handled as insurgents if not correct identification can be verified.


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