Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planet Calypso Content Release 2012.2 2012-03-13

Here is the Content Release 2012.2 for Planet Calypso on 13 of March 2012. A lot of bug fixed, just what players wanted. Beacon missions are greatly improved. And for me the most interesting part of this content release is the Iron Challenges for all Puny creatures. This means a lot of cheap game time for new players.


The vast majority of the outposts on Eudoria have been redesigned using modern assets.
Forests have been thinned out around the Fort Troy, East Scylla Mountains region.


Beacon interiors have been enlarged and redesigned to improve playability.
Beacon robots have been renamed and rebalanced, they are now slightly tougher but not as many.
The number of storage container loot boxes in each Beacon has been increased to 21.
Storage container loot boxes are now randomly placed within the Beacon.
Real-time team member statistics display- damage, healing, kills, deaths, etc.
Timers have been adjusted in balance with the recent level design changes
Loot from unopened storage container loot boxes is now added to the storage container boxes in subsequent Beacon missions.
Each Beacon level now has its own unique end boss that guards a storage container loot box which holds a large part of the total loot for each Beacon mission.
Minimum number of players required to enter Beacon missions has been lowered from 4 to 2. Note that the recommended team size is a minimum of four players to complete Beacon missions effectively.
The number of checkpoints have been reduced in all Beacon missions.


Iron Challenges for all Puny creatures - speak to Ingrid at the Port Atlantis swamp camp.
New Traeskeron mission - speak to Henry Johnson at Camp Poseidon.
New Rextelum mission - speak to Private Brian at Triton's Landing.

The Longu and Molisk creatures have received graphical updates.


The Daily Hunter mission has been fixed.
Exploring the area mission has been fixed.
The Volcanic Island mission has been fixed.
Kill the Aetherex on mountains mission has been fixed.
Finding water mission has been fixed.
Clear the area mission has been fixed.
Hunt Some mission has been fixed.
Kill'em all! mission has been fixed.
Fixed a bug with the shared loot feature on Hussk.
Flying land area objects near the Emerald Lakes mall have been landed.
Fixed a problem with the terrain under some houses at Lake Penzance.
Fixed the name of the quest object in the Feffoid Cave.


Breakable glass in the Beacon Missions can cause performance issues when it destructs.
It is not possible to purchase the more expensive items from the market traders.
Global/HoF messages and effects are currently disabled in beacons.

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