Friday, March 16, 2012

Change of plans for Project Entropia Universe

Here are some interesting stuff that MindArk employees said in 2001-2002 for the game and how silly they look now. But I guess we can't blame them - the games can change a lot for 10 years, the players change and the technologies changes.

Anders|MA: All players will start with a basic appartment. However it may be in the players interest to buy either a bigger appartment or even a house.

Per|MA: H2SO4: Yes, bank institutions can store your items for you and will keep them in mint condition. You can later extract your item from any other bank institution. Your dwelling can house items as well, but you do not need a dwelling just to keep items.

Anders|MA: We will use an insurance system. You insure your equipment so you will keep it if/when you die. However, if you murder a player all your insurances will be lost.

Per|MA: Cidium: Yes, NPCs will be available for hire for a lot of various purposes. Guards is a good example, where a better guard will cost more. NPC guards will unerringly guard whatever area they are ordered to guard. Simple, no? :-)

Xander: *Noir* How will societies be able to create and incorporate their official logos into the game? Will there be a way to import some form of graphic file into the PE game that everyone would see? Then would this be a screened process to prevent constant changing of logos and possible obscene content? Per|MA: Noir: Society logos must be sent in and reviewed, mainly to see to it that they are standardized and will work as a society decal.

5. How does Mindark plan on involving the characters in the story? Will they use "GM" characters that will seek out players and send them on quests? Or some other model? Yes to both questions. MindArk plans to employ one hundred and twenty people to begin with during spring that will solely be inside the game as GM characters to help other players with problems that might come up, or just to offer help.

How many characters will I be able to have? You will be able to have 5 - 8 different characters. 

Locke|Stratics: *Noir* Would it be possible to allow players to program 'bots' or 'robots' using a simple gui (for logic flow), or other interface as in the Playstation game "Carnage Heart"? JAP|MA: yes you will be able to program robots, the way they will be programmable is for attacks, beast of burdon actions and general service for their master.

Locke|Stratics: *Buzzi* Will players be deemed to fight the robots on Calypso "forever" or are you considering further dynamic development (in the far future) by expanding the gameplay to other planets? Fredrik|MA: The battle against the robots will carry on as the main hostile element but we will add new twists and turns to it to develope the concept even further to keep the main story line fresh and alive. And yes, it is meant to expand further than one planet, eventually.

Locke|Stratics: *Cidium* In some of the other online games, players can create their own 'guardian' creatures to protect them and aid in battles. Since PE is set in the future, will players be able to research/develope their own robot 'guardians'? JAP|MA: Yes they will. Actually they will be able to create their "own slaves". This is something that the good slave creators will have very thrilling moments, when having the slaves "coming up to life"

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