Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it possible to profit in Entropia? Yes it's possible!

When I read an article about Entropia back in 2006, I thought “why do people invest 100k USD” in a computer game. So I started reading and investigating. At the end I started playing Entropia to see if it is possible to make money.

After all these years I would like to share at least my answer. Yes it is possible to make money. I did profit more than 100k PED within the last 3 to 4 years (without any ATH ever). And in general it’s possible to profit in all 3 main professions. Nevertheless I did the most profit when crafting, because that’s my main profession. Just to give an idea. I crafted items of more than 2 Mio PED of TT in this time.

And in general it seems – at least for me – you are able to make a margin (profit) of about 5% in average.

So everyone just thinking of start playing Entropia: Keep in mind that at the beginning it’s very difficult to profit. First problem is, that you don’t have a clue what you are doing (main problem  ... and I could add things here as well ). And secondly you are not skilled enough to do things that profit (minor problem).

Hope someone finds this helpful ... and always have a lot of fun when playing!

PS: Anyone asking about why you should scan mobs/robots/... In fact I believe a lot of people just do it to get cheap skills. But in fact my observation is that with higher “scanner skills” you are able to loot “higher valued” (uber) items. I don’t mean that you loot more. But you are able to loot different things (with the better "knowledge" of the mob/robot)

I just bought a lot of land deeds these days. They are a good investment (as long as you trust ... anyway there is always risk with high return investments).

There is no sense in explaining how it did that. As you might no have the chance to do the same things. And of course if everyone is doing it the same way, it will not work. It was just an information.

But for those of you, who only believe what they see. This screenshot might help

I agree you have to think about what you are doing. And I DON'T promote to do anything. Just take it as it is ... an information for those interessed in.

Do the math. 2 Mio PED over 4 years means only 1370 PED every day. That's e.g. about 2 Kesmek Bik (L). It's not a big deal to craft 2 Mio PED in this time (the big deal is to sell all the stuff ). And if you decide to craft the right things you will profit. Even 5% is not much. We all know, if you are lucky you can have much more, but there are also days you are loosing money.

Never registered for entropia tracker. But as globals gives you about 5% of your revenues, those 154k peds just support the 2 Mio PEDs, right?

But as said before. I'm sure there are people out there who have the same question that I had back in 2006. That's why I wrote this here. Honestly I would have been glad at this time, when someone could have given me the answer. But on the otherhand so far I had a lot of fun (and some bad days )

Here is the full topic: Is it possible to profit in Entropia? Yes it's possible!

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