Sunday, May 22, 2011

Release 11.9.4, ROCKtropia 2.0!, Hangars on Calypso, New Items, Shinkiba, Music

As the title suggest a lot of new stuff is happening in Entropia Universe with the implementation of release 11.9.4. So let's try to summurize everything.
Hangars are back on Calypso, but no spaceships for now. Every hangar has its own teleporter. Chug's hideout got teleporter. Daikiba was renamed to Shinkiba and also looks different now. New missions are introduced. There are more achievements now. Some new items. New (L) guns are dropping - Chikara Vamachara Mk.I (L) and Chikara Vamachara Mk.II (L) (laser rifle), Chikara Mudra Mk.II (L) (fist), Chikara Ashvin HR1 (L) (FAP).
More new stuff on RockTropia. Club Neverdie was moved to another location and was replaced with new club that still don't have textures. New (L) armor is dropping - Colonizer (L). Still no unlimited weapons as advertised in the release note. Calypso mobs are all over the place. I sow Drones, other people sow Daikiba/Shinkiba and other mobs across Rocktropia.
I am hunting on Rocktropia at the moment, but yesterday I crashed 20 times after the new update and it is not normal for PC to crash playing Entropia Universe. I got the message that I don't have enough RAM, but if 4 GB RAM is not enough for this game I will have to travel to the future to get better PC. So now I try to stay away from towns and places with a lot of mobs and this seem to solve the problem.
After all this "change" people are wondering What did SEE actually pay 6 million dollars for?
This version update brought a lot of questions. The loot from Calypso can be looted on Rocktropia, now even the mobs from Calypso are going to Rocktropia. People are mad about that, but may be MindArk are doing this to help the economy on RockTropia. Not that I like it, but I am hunting for few days on Rocktropia and I don't believe anyone will pay me any mark up on my Rocktropian loot. For the first time I am happy when I loot oils, skins and nova fragment. I know I can get more than TT for them, but not for the Rocktropian loot.
But all this make me wonder:
Is RockTropia really different planet or is it like Crystal Palace or F.O.M.A. - Fortuna? This will make Planet Arkadia the first really new planet. At least that is what Arkadia Team promised. Or may be we are going to find snablesnots on Arkadia when we arrive.
Is Calypso going to stay the same or everything on the planet will be moved to Rocktropia and See Digital Studio will have to make their own mobs, weapons and armors? May be even new player base.
And then again: Who is Jon Jacobs NEVERDIE? Is he employee of MindArk? Is he the owner of MindArk? Is he just a face that can talk in front of the camera and make you wish you byu appartment in the virtual universe?
If we know this we can predict better where RockTropia and Project Entropia will be in the future.
For the regular player RockTropia looks unfinished, un-unique with no economy going on, with big lag and a lot of bugs. But regular player cannot see into the future. Just few months ago probably 50% of the forum posts were "This game is dyeing!", "The sky is falling", but now no one is saying that anymore. RockTropia is music planet and people forget that music is huge business with huge money. Huge money to invest and also music companies can make huge money in the virtual space. People are paying $1.29 USD for song on iTunes, why not pay 1 PED to purchase a song in Entropia Universe. Now one player can get music cheap and other can benefit from the better loot because of the more money in the game. Money that usually people spend outside the game for music. Now it is not so strange to see Planet Michael Jackson is it?
We see gaming and music industry combine forces in this MMORPG slash RCE slash FPS game. May be soon movie industry will join too.
For me RockTropia is still under heavy development, WTF are all those ??? mobs, ??? teleporters and non stop BS that turns out not to be true. But it has big potential thanks to Neverdie and Music companies and some day may be the desired destination for all players.

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