Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hangars are back in Entropia Universe

Hangars will be back in Entropia Universe this month – April 2011, but spaceships will come later. Hangars are old system that was disabled with the implementation of Cry Engine 2 in Entropia Universe. Before that Hangars were used to land spaceships. And the spaceships were the only way to get to other planet. That made the price of hangars really high. Hangar owners can collect PED from players to fly them to other planets. While this system was disabled it is possible to travel to other planets by teleporters and a fee of 40 PED in one direction. At the moment most players ASSUME that that price will remain the same and the hangars owners can offer flight for 25 PED per person. I’m not sure that the money they earn will be enough to cover their effort of waiting for customers. Also I am not sure that players that travel to different planets really care so much for the deference of 15 PED and will wait for that ship to arrive and to fly. So there is slim chance that MindArk will raise the price for TP travelling to another planet and that way make the hangars more desirable option for interplanetary movement. If that happens all players that didn't travel to different planets until now for 80 PED will be sorry.
The hangars will be back April 2011, but no one knows when the spaceships will be back. May be they will wait until Planet Arkadia is launched at 24 of May. In any case bringing back old system and releasing new planet makes the future of Entropia Universe looks brighter than before. Something like the end of the dark ages when everyone is concerned if the sky is falling and MindArk goes bankrupt.
No don’t smile yet. Forum trolls are not dead yet. Now there is endless whining about that sentence:
"By the way, in addition to yours truly, some other locals have also requested to be a part of your hangar service team. I’ve authorized access to a Trader, a Crafter, a Storage Manager and an Auctioneer. Hope you don’t mind?"
It seems hangar owners will receive something like compensation for the time the hangars were disabled: Trade terminal – 25,000 PED, Manufacturing machine – 25,000 PED, Storage terminal – 25,000 PED, Auctioneer – 25,000 PED or bonus of 100 000 PED or 10 000 US dollars. Of course this is the kind of PED you cannot withdraw from the game. You cannot sell to trade terminal these terminals for their TT value. So if hangar owners want to see that 10 000 US dollars they have to sell their hangar to other players for some big amount of PED. And as bonus to thaht bonus all TP fees collected so far from players traveling to different planets will be divided between all hangar owners. Well may be they deserve that since they paid 10 000 – 20 000 US dollars for that hangar. There are probably 70 hangars in the game now so it will be interesting to see all of them popping up all over the place.

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