Sunday, May 22, 2011

Space and Spaceships introduced in Entropia Universe by MindArk

MindArk will reintroduce the space ships, but in a totally new setting, compared to pre-VU10. You'll be able to take a space ship and fly through space, travell between all planets in Entropia Universe. But space will not be only as travel tunel betwen planets. Something like the TP travel between planets now. In space there will be space battles, pirating, logistics, gaining good or bad karma and much, much more. Whatever that means. There will be a lot of new space ships. I wonder who is designing them. MindArk or the Planet Partners? The mother-ships will be fast and extremely large vessels that can take both crew and many passengers. Small ships can dock inside it, in its hangar. Also, the VTOLs will be able to take off into space, with special attachments added to them.
When flying close to a planet you'll see it from the ship and if you fly a small ship you can fly through the planet stratosphere and land directly on the planet surface. Larger ships will have to dock at a space station, from where you'll be able to use a teleporter as transfer between space and the planet. Each planet has a space station located just outside their stratosphere.
The space will have unique space environment with meteors, stars, space mobs, and the already mentioned space ships, planets and space stations.
Some blogger (AxeMurderer) even suggest that those huge spaceships will bring new fuel type or at least make some changes to the fuel system. Probably synthetic fuel from the trade terminal for the space ships. Or the vehicles that runs now on fuel will start using TT fuel. And the spaceships will start using the Oil for fuel. Or may be even new type of fuel will be introduced which is even more expensive than the oil. may be even sweat will be used as one component to make the new fuel. Discussion is here: New Kind of Fuel Type
Destroyer and Cruiser

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