Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Return of the Virtual Trader 2

I think I forgot to mention it on my blog, but I bought a shop again. If you read the post Return of the Virtual Trader I made a year ago you will see my plan was to get enough CLD and then buy a shop. Well I think I have enough CLD now and I bought a shop. I had 2 shops in Emerald Lake Mall and sold them when CLD were introduced. I used the money to buy CLD until they were cheap and now traded few of them for a shop in New Oxford Mall.

Owning shop in Entropia Universe won’t make you rich, but it transforms your useless loot to something you are happy to place in your shop. Next time you loot that oil or hide with 101% MU you know you have purpose for it. It sure is expensive toy, but then again people in Star Citizen paid 15 000 USD for few ships in non RCE game, paying 1 000 USD for a shop in RCE universe sound like a deal.

If you ever get bored from the game, buy a shop. It brings another level of fun and transforms the game for you. Buy it only if you can afford it, not as an investment. If you are looking for profit, buy CLD. The negative side of owning a shop is that from time to time you have to go back to that planet. You can’t have a shop on Rocktropia and play on Arkadia. And this again is 2 sided coin. You can look at it as you are forced to fly back to the planet where your shop is and spent 5-10 PED flying or you can look at it as something to give reason to fly into space.

My shop is not yet complete so you get no pictures for now. But stay tuned for more info. And I’m also thinking of buying another shop, may be after a year.

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