Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monria VU 1.1 - Round 2

Monria VU 1.1 - Round 2

New Boxing Gloves

There are new boxing gloves to be discovered with a higher damage per second. This should give us more variety in our boxing competitions and allow us to introduce 'weight divisions'.

Event Area

An event area has been introduced for the boxing ring to allow us to run events through the Event Manager in West Crater

Leprechaun grows in stature

The greedy leprechauns have been eating us out of Nutrio bars and have grown slightly.


Sound issues with gloves resolved

Models and textures for boxing gloves updated

Boxing gloves can now be sold on the auction house

Queue use action while reloading is now works with boxing gloves

Known issues

The following issues didn't make it to this patch and will be in a future one:

Lighting on Monria is still too bright

The names of the gloves need updating so that they are clearer

Boxing ring texture still has not been applied

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Good Robot Armor for Robots at Fort


Colonist Jumpsuits Mission Walkthrough

Colonist Jumpsuits Mission Walkthrough

Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage I - Green


Colonist Jumpsuits: Stage II - Blue

1)Reach Proffesional Level 1
2)Earn 300 Sabakuma Killpoints

Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Mayhem 2016 Dates

Halloween Mayhem Dates

We are happy to announce the dates for Halloween Mayhem:

Start: Friday, October 28, 13:00:00 UTC 2016

End: Monday, November 7, 13:00:00 UTC 2016

Prepare for some horrifying hunting! There will be more details to follow soon.

Fort Lahar Soon to be Attacked!

Fort Lahar Soon to be Attacked!
The Enemy Draws Near...

A robot Incursion will begin at Fort Lahar on Friday October 21, 11:00 UTC, according to the Calypso Defence Force's latest intelligence.

In addition, the CDF have released information regarding Robot Incursion Leaders.

Reconnaissance Report: Robot Incursion Leaders

The Leader of an Incursion is surrounded and protected by Guardians, who guard the gates of the Fort.

The Leader seems to be the coordinating 'brain' of the Incursion. Studies of the remains of destroyed Incursion Leaders uncovered traces of extremely advanced communication technology.

This communication technology has — so far — only been found in the 'Warlock' series of robot.

Take care and good luck, Colonists!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

EBN: Incursion at Fort Lahar Tomorrow!

EBN: Incursion at Fort Lahar Tomorrow!
On October 14, 2016, 11:00 UTC a mass of robots will attack Fort Lahar, according to predictions from leading CDF military strategists.

The following mission briefing was announced by the CDF to prepare Colonists for the attack.

Mission 1: Defend the Shield Generator Platforms
The robots are making tactical strikes against the Shield Generator Platforms that protect our forts. We must defend the SGPs!

Mission 2: Eliminate the Leader
After the SGPs have been secured Colonists must eliminate the Leader of the Incursion. This robot will undoubtedly be heavily armoured. Work together and concentrate your firepower!


Colonists surpassing activity thresholds will be rewarded for their contributions to the battle — so watch your personal contribution level!


The robots may disrupt our teleportation and revive terminal in order to displace Colonists outside the Fort area. If this happens, hurry back and continue attacking so we don't lose momentum!