Thursday, August 31, 2017

Audited Calypso Land Deeds Revenue 2016

MindArk just announced the profit for planet Calypso for 2016 - 1 945 838 USD compared to 2 295 191 for 2015 , 2 232 435 in 2014 , 2 672 604 in 2013 , 2 776 432 in 2012. Clearly the sky is falling and it is time to sell your skills.

Friday, August 25, 2017

ComPet Newsletter August 2017

ComPet Newsletter August 2017

Trinket and Strongboxes release

We are at the final stages of polishing the Strongbox and Trinket systems before release. The systems have been delayed slightly due to the vast impact we believe they will have on the game, and our desire for them to be balanced, bug-free and enjoyable on launch.

The upcoming release will feature four different Strongboxes. Three of them can be earned by completing Daily Missions in the Arena and one Strongbox which will be available for purchase in the shop. We will then study what effect these systems have on the game and listen to your feedback before we add two more premium Strongboxes at a later stage.

Tutorial and new player experience changes

We have put a lot of effort into making the tutorial and new player experience as smooth as possible. There are no more drawn out dialogues and new players are no longer forced to do things in any specific order. While there is a path we want new players to take, they are now free to explore different areas of ComPet before moving on to the next part of the tutorial. The new tutorial will also put more focus on the Arena. We believe these changes will greatly increase new players’ enjoyment of ComPet.

Another integral part in the new player experience is the introduction of New Player Tasks. These will reward new players for trying out and learning about different elements of the game, without forcing them through a linear, deterministic tutorial.


With the changes we have made to the new player experience and with the addition of the Strongbox system, we believe that retention and monetization can increase significantly. Marketing of ComPet will therefore resume shortly after the upcoming release. Our new marketing campaigns will be in line with the design changes we’ve made to the game, which means they will focus more ComPet’s competitive PvP Arena experience.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The RX Storm is Upon Us!

The RX Storm is Upon Us!

RX are attacking around Cape Corinth, Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora!

Fight for the City: Cape Corinth

RX forces are gathering outside Cape Corinth and are preparing to attack the city! There can be no doubt that they are here to reclaim 'Silent Stan'.

Fight For the RX Caches: Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora

Groups of RX are also gathering in desert areas surrounding Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora.

The CDF suspect they are preparing to remove and re-conceal RX caches — in case 'Silent Stan' reveals their secret locations whilst under interrogation.

Brigadier De Souza has stated that "Colonists must stop the RX removing the caches at all costs".

L60 RX Light Gunner

L109 RX Medium Gunner

L156 RX Heavy Gunner

L298 RX Gunnery Sergeant

These are AI mobs, non-shared, spawning in non-PVP areas

East of Cape Cornith - L60

Fort Medusa - L109 to L156

Fort Pandora - L156 to L298

Choose your battlefront and fight!


Friday, April 28, 2017

ComPet Newsletter April 2017

ComPet Newsletter April 2017

Streams on

We are currently exploring different marketing methods in order to select optimal channels and reach ComPet’s audience. One of these new channels is Twitch broadcasts by professional gamers and streamers.

Four streamers will play ComPet on Twitch:

AnnieFuchsia (
Shadybunny (
Pojkeen (

Be sure to give them a follow to know when they will stream!

Ranking system changes

A completely new ranking system for the Premium division will be implemented in mid-May.

The current ranking system is reported to be unfair to high ranking players. The amount of ranking points awarded for a win in the Premium division seem to be disproportionate to the punishment for a loss. This makes it likely that high ranking players stop playing at a certain rank rather than risk losing an undue amount of points. This is the opposite of what we want. Players should be rewarded for staying active in the Arena, battling a lot, and defeating high level pets. The new ranking system will ensure this.

Remember to try out the new ranking system!

Follow up from last newsletter

Focusing on Arena - continued

We will continue introducing changes to the user interface (UI) which are aimed to increase activity in the Arena. An upcoming change is a “welcome pop-up”, which will help and encourage players to subscribe to the Arena directly after starting a new session in ComPet.

This change will result in an overall reduction in time spent waiting for an opponent in the Arena.

Trinkets - continued

The trinket system has been finalized and will be implemented as soon as possible. The trinket system introduces a significant monetization opportunity that aligns well with our increasingly Arena-focused game design and marketing. Trinkets will be a main selling point for the Strongboxes that will be introduced in the in-game shop. Players will also be able to upgrade and customize trinkets as they progress, enabling them to set their pets apart from the competition and get an edge, which will also present further possibilities to monetize the trinket system.

Further details will be released in-game, on and on the official forums as the trinket system rolls out.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Upgrading Viceroy Armor

I just landed on Arkadia (3 days ago, but I am writing slow) and went right to Celeste Quarry in the building of Quarry Manager to get the Viceroy Armor Upgrade mission from Bill. Probably he is the Quarry Manager. Anyway bellow you can see the ingredients needed to upgrade the armor. I managed to buy cheap Canis (L) Parts for 124% MU and Lupus (L) Part for 123% MU from the nice Kikkijikki Defense Shop (Celeste North 5) in Celeste Harbour on Planet Arkadia.

But the big sock was the price of Nanites, You need 2 Adjusted Nanites for Viceroy Adjusted Upgrade, You need 2 Improved Nanites for Viceroy Improved Upgrade and You need 2 Modified Nanites for Viceroy Modified Upgrade. 3 days ago the price was 30 000% MU or 300 PED for one Nanites with TT 1 PED. You need 6 that means 1800 PED or 180 USD just for the Nanites. I decided that I will not pay that much and will hunt for Nanites myself. Rumors are that Nanites spown from mobs in Arkadia Underground. And different maturity gives different type of Nanites.

Normal Viceroy Armor

Durability: 3000
Stab: 11 HP
Cut: 9 HP
Impact: 15 HP
Burn: 12 HP
Cold: 8 HP
Electric: 0 HP
Acid: 14 HP
Close: 35 HP
Firearms: 12 HP
Total: 69 HP
Set TT: 400 PED

Viceroy Adjusted Upgrade - 932 PED

1 Full TT Viceroy Part
1 Full TT Musca (L) Part - 40 PED TT + 0 MU
2 Adjusted Nanites - 2 PED TT - 600 PED with MU
100 Bismuth Plating - 60 PED - 260 PED with MU
30 Ospra Ingot - 30,6 PED - 32 PED with MU

Durability: 3250
Stab: 11 HP
Cut: 11 HP
Impact: 16 HP
Burn: 12 HP
Cold: 9 HP
Acid: 15 HP
Close: 38 HP
Firearms: 12 HP
Total: 74 HP

3 Parts: 5 Percent Evade
5 Parts: 10 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 10 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 0.2 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance

Viceroy Improved Upgrade

1 Full TT Viceroy Adjusted Part
1 Full TT Canis (L) Part 124%
2 Improved Nanites
100 Bismuth Plating
10 Banite Ingot

Durability: 3500
Stab: 13 HP
Cut: 12 HP
Impact: 17 HP
Burn: 14 HP
Cold: 11 HP
Acid: 17 HP
Close: 42 HP
Firearms: 14 HP
Total: 84 HP

3 Parts: 5 Percent Evade
5 Parts: 10 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 15 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 0.4 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance

Viceroy Modified Upgrade

1 Full TT Viceroy Improved Part
1 Full TT Lupus (L) Part 123%
2 Modified Nanites
100 Bismuth Plating
4 Zulax Ingot

Durability: 3800
Stab: 15 HP
Cut: 14 HP
Impact: 19 HP
Burn: 16 HP
Cold: 11 HP
Acid: 18 HP
Close: 48 HP
Firearms: 16 HP
Total: 93 HP

3 Parts: 10 Percent Evade
5 Parts: 15 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 20 Percent Evade
7 Parts: 1 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Future Plans 2017 Edition

Just shooting and mining in Entropia Universe is fun, but what I find unique is the unlimited opportunities and choices you have. So why limit yourself just as hunter or miner. And what you can’t find in another game is that you can choose and develop your own small business inside this universe. Even if you don’t make much profit you will learn a lot about real life business. Like with demo Forex account you can learn trading here you can learn how to run small business. One way to describe Entropia Universe is “Business Simulator” with little shooting and mining from time to time.

So my long term goals are to run different businesses inside Entropia Universe. I am waiting for MindArk to release more Land Plots so I can buy 2 by the end of 2017. Also I am hoping for at least 1 more choice beside the garden, so I can make 1 garden and 1 factory or something. MA said there will be also possibility to make the big land plots like a shop, but I guess it will be better to just buy a shop.

And indeed after I manage to get my hands on 2 big land plots I will buy 2-3 shops. So far I have ideas for 3-4 shops, but this time I won’t make it like my last shops where I was selling everything I have. I will make them specialized shops with only 1 type of items in every shop. The focus will not be on the profit, but to make shops look good and make people come regularly and buy stuff. If you see my previous years future plans you will see that I was planning to have shops by now, but MA introduced Land Plots and now I am saving for 2. If I buy shops now I won’t have enough resources to get 2 big Land Plots.

The next big step for me will be getting my hands on land area on some planet. LAs are very expensive and I will probably have to wait few years to achieve that goal but it will happen someday.

In addition to all this I am thinking of some kind of business like real estate trading. It is not the same as real life because you don’t actually need to sleep in Entropia Universe and it is harder to make people to buy a home or a shop, but other than that real life principles of supply and demand apply. I am also considering a place where people will pay just to hangout and running some kind of investment fund like Toni Chiee Lahderinne , Divinity Deth Undefined and Sir Matt Copping , but this will be too much work so I prefer to do all business with just my money for now.

And as always there are plans for better YouTube channel but here the only resource that is limiting me is the free time. It seems you can buy the latest NVIDIA graphic card but you can’t buy free time. So this plan is postponed for another 2 to 4 years.

My short term plans are simple. I will go to Planet Arkadia to upgrade my Viceroy Armor. Also I will do some mining and try the new instances if they are not bugged. It seems Planet Arkadia is doing very well from all planet partners, but I am not a big fan of the military theme they are going for.

What is getting my attention is Planet Cyrene with the different factions, world events, inverted pyramids, skylab and probably the best models in the game. I was angry at them for not launching for 6 years. It takes 4-5 years to make a game, but here you have the code, you are just making the models and design some missions, you are not making the game engine. But after a year of meditation I decided to forgive them and go play on Cyrene even if they are not showing signs to be alive. In the end the more people play there the faster the planet will grow and this is what I want. Just for now I am not going to invest in estates there until the promised hard launch at least. I will just play for the fun.

Return of the Virtual Trader posted on January 08, 2013

Return of the Virtual Trader 2 posted on February 05, 2014

AxeMurderer Import – Taking over the galaxy posted on April 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Planet Cyrene VU Notes - February 7th 2017

Planet Cyrene VU Notes - February 7th 2017

New Additions

- Lazidol Spawn Area
-- Lazidol now has new spawn area that should allow him to be hunted without any unreachable issues. Both him and the Low Shaman are now on a coastal shelf near the Rookie Training Area.
- Sky Labs has been moved to be more away from Risen Island. This should resolve any mining issues that have occurred on Risen Island.


- Outdoor Hub Coat
-- This coat should now be able to be registered via the Proving Grounds Entrance.
-- After registration, there is a small chain quest that will award an Achievement and setup players for part two of this series.

- Many areas have had undergone visual changes as well as increased optimization:

-- Risen Island
-- High Desert Wave Event Area
-- A.R.C. Staging Area
-- Duster Hazing Station

- Dire Weed Chain Mission
-- All stages of this mission are now available from the new Kill Point Terminals available across 15 locations on Planet Cyrene.
-- If a player is already on these missions and cannot see their kills or kill points interacting with one these terminals should update the mission information to show them.
-- All stages of this mission will now auto complete as soon as the last creature is killed and you will not be required to return to the terminal, except to pick up the next mission.
-- Provided all these changes work as intended, these changes will be rolled out for every other chain mission on Cyrene, along with the majority of A.R.C. faction missions.

- Rookie Training Area
-- The Mang Changs near Rookie Training Area should no longer be able to be tamed.

- Oil Spawner at Duster Hazing Station PvP
-- We've continued to work with MindArk and make adjustments to get the oil to spawn correctly.

- Getting Battle Ready
-- This mission has been working correctly on the test server, however, it's not active on live and that makes it appear as if this is bugged. This mission will be active again shortly after this VU.

- Sky Lab Platformer
-- The item used to activate this mission has been altered from 1x Imperium Key Cube -> Imperium Cube.

- The map has been updated to accurately reflect all the changes.

Known Issues
- The dialogue for mission: Sky Labs Platformer does not reflect that the currency item has changed, this will be corrected in the Mini Patch.
- Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
- The Spear MK. III is difficult to maneuver, this is being looked into.
- The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
- All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
- Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.

Further clarification regarding ComPet release schedule

Further clarification regarding ComPet release schedule

We understand that the recent news about delayed Compet Deed payouts was unexpected and that this may have caused a certain amount of inconvenience.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we assure Deed Holders that the prioritization of the development of core gameplay systems over non-gameplay systems was considered necessary for the fully-rounded development of ComPet as a competitive and well-crafted product. We are currently working hard to develop these systems so that ComPet Deed Holders may receive payouts as soon as possible. We also want to clarify that the deed revenues are being accumulated and have done so since the launch of the game.

We also appreciate that ComPet Deed Holders wish to receive timely and relevant information regarding ComPet development. Newsletters will therefore be sent on a regular basis to Compet Deed Holders to ensure that you are kept informed of future developments.

Best regards,
Klas Moreau

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hogglo Diablos Return

Hogglo Diablos Return!

There have been confirmed sightings of aggressive Hogglo Diablos in the PVP zone southeast of Fort Argus!

It seems the Diablo-breeding desperado “Gareth Tamer” is back in business. The criminal is widely believed to be responsible for the Diablo attack last year after escaping CDF custody.

Colonists hunting in the PVP zone are advised to come well armed and with supporting mercenaries due to the lawlessness of the area.

/CalyNET News

Battle Simulator Where All Avatars are Equal

Battle Simulator

#2 Where All Avatars are Equal!

Activities in Entropia Universe usually require a certain amount of planning and preparation. This takes time. Furthermore, it can be difficult for new players to compete with veterans who have accumulated high skill levels and equipment.

The Battle Simulator is for everyone and will be instantly accessible via the Entropia Universe user interface (UI). Avatars will compete under identical conditions: standard ‘simulator’ skill levels and weapons/ammo are applied upon entering the simulator. It’s stripped-down, old-fashioned arcade action where finishing and getting the fastest time is all that counts. Only your reflexes and strategies will determine your place on the leaderboard and the prizes you win.

The Battle Simulator will go platform-wide on the planned version update (VU) on February 28, 2017.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Battle Simulator Instance Coming Soon

Battle Simulator Instance Coming Soon!

A platform-wide Battle Simulator prototype will be available from your Avatar's UI in the upcoming VU.

We’ll be bringing you more information on a regular basis, so stay tuned for the next update!

Arkadia Firebird Limited Edition Sales

Arkadia Firebird Limited Edition Sales

Planet Arkadia will be auctioning off 20 new high-performance dropships. These dropships are a new addition to interplanetary transportation at the speed of light.

These 2 seater Firebird Limited Edition are equipped with all the tech required to explore every corner of known space. Fitted with an unlimited thruster, getting off any planet will be done with ease and once off, getting to your destination can be done with simplicity with its own attached unlimited warp drive.

With this ship, space travel can now be done in style and when stationed, you will not only draw attention but demand respect.

Auctions for the Firebird Limited Edition ships will begin 27th January 2017, with opening bids of 50,000 ped (5,000 USD). Bidding competitions are expected to be fierce with only one ship released each week.

To see all info regarding the Firebird Limited Edition and take part in the auctions, login to Entropia Universe using the full 3D PC-client and contact any auctioneer. You can also use the Android app Virtual Tycoon to access the auction.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

Cross-platform Trading
A major part of ComPet concept is the “cross-platform” trading aspect that makes ComPet so unique. This feature is currently in development both in Entropia Universe and ComPet. Until this feature has been fully implemented, it is not economically practical to engage in our planned full- scale marketing campaign to promote ComPet.

iOS Release
Release of ComPet on iOS is in its final phase and should be available shortly.

Affiliate/Referral System
Together with the upcoming marketing campaign, an affiliate/referral system will be available for ComPet account holders to promote ComPet themselves. This is another important stage to complete in order to maximise the impact of ComPet marketing.

Language Support
It is essential for us to add additional language support for our worldwide users.

eSports and Tournaments
Tournament and eSports functionality is currently in development which should widen the audience and appeal of ComPet.

Additional Development
Here are some additional key development tasks that must be implemented in order to create an exciting worldwide battle app game with cross-platform trading connected to the Entropia Universe real-cash economy:

General conversion and retention optimization
Daily tasks/missions
Discounts and offers
Trinkets/buff items
Balance fine tuning

ComPet Revenue System
The revenue payment system will be implemented after the most important of the tasks detailed above have been completed and their associated processes are working correctly. Deed revenues are currently being accumulated and payments will begin once ComPet is fully functional.