Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Peanut Mining Maps and Logs

First Disclaimers: The depths listed are NOT the only depths you will find these ores and enmats I primarily run around with a F-103 so all results are biased to that finder, I thought I would add the depths they might be helpful, with the exception of the rugaritz those are accurate and if you could find rugaritz shallower then 800 I’d love to know AND Rugaritz is extremely rare and will require a very high end finder or an uber enhanced medium end one. Even then no guarantees you will find a single stone.

This map is a work in progress only a fraction of my notes are here the parts where I can't give a clear answer on that aren't hit or miss I have left out for now. I will always be I’m always collecting data, if you see something they looks like it needs to be improved or have any suggestions I’d love to hear them

Here is the Map the little red circles I’ve marked with Note next to it are my special mining areas i love the frequent and I will explain them on the bottom of this post if I marked something ON* it is my older data I don't have the best notes on mostly missing the exact depths, and if I have depth ?? it’s just something I have new data on just not enough to give an answer for depth on IE only 1 or 2 claims, Solis beans at the moment are the only enmat I don't have the best data on so far

It’s a big map let it load. Click on it to see it bigger. Scroll to the bottom for notes.
The noted areas are my favorite spots the ones I’ve found over the months and years to give me a good shot at doing good, I primary use a Finder F-103 sometimes with 2 enhancers sometimes un-enhanced for best results use something comparable.
I also mine without amps just for your information.

Note 1 ( South of Zs little farm TP)- This is one of my new areas I’ve mined it a few times now but it’s still new in my book but I’ve had good luck here
You will find a lot of duruilium and gazzurdite on the ore side, en mats will be cave sap ( tt food ) for the most part and pockets of garcen, MU wise the ores are the money makers here cave sap and garcen really don't fetch much on auctions
Duru and Gazz at the moment both hover around 115-120% not amazing MUs but it will still be a nice boost.
The one thing I love about this spot that makes it great you will be hard pressed to find claims under III or IV ( remember I mine un-amped) The claims here on average are at least a small(V) and you can find a good amount of them when the mining is good here.

Note 2 ( West of TI ) this is a more interesting spot i don't mine much but it has one redeeming quality ( Some may not like it ) that is it is packed full of oil and lyst. I personally use a lot of oil and lyst in my crafts so when I need to resupply i come here. If you don't need oil or lyst just skip this spot I have almost never found any different claim here.

Note 3 ( South of the chilled hugglo and maffiod TP ) This has got to be one of my favorite spots by far the claims here are small but just come by the handful when this place is hot double bomb all I can say. when this place is not hot you will find out fast claims will be sporadic and small MOVE leave this spot right away you will lose ped this spot has to be on fire and you will do great
Ore wise you will find a lot of frigulite and blausarium
Enmatter wise you will find a lot of force nexus and acid root
What’s so special well let me tell you you will also find another enmatter , Devils Tail that's right the 900% MU of liquid ( or tailish ?  ) gold. It’s rare but not a real rare find here it hangs out at depths of around 500 give or take a few hundred. A nice sized mining run here when it is good you will come back with an actionable amount of devils tail , my average is between 20-40 ped that's after MU

Note 4 This final spot, North of Nea's place , specifically on the ridge you will find where i highlighted.
Here is where I go when i need cumbriz you will find a lot of it there and it has a decent MU. According to my data the cumbriz loves to sit in a very specific depth here almost always between 400-500
Ore wise you will be hard pressed to find anything different.
Enmatter wise you will find a few scraps of random stuff nothing primary, including angelic grit, typonolic steam and lytairian powder

I have really gotten to the point where I can pull a profit on it with a decent consistency.

A few beginner tips for you aspiring miners. Start with the new TT rookie finders just have fun get a feel for it. Keep conscious of the distance you allow between you bombs, every miner has a different length. Over lapping is good but not too much, don’t drop a probe walk 4 steps and drop again. Also double dropping, dropping another bomb at a claim you found people have mixed feelings on that to for me depends on the situation. Personally I don't double drop on small claims, when I do double drop I like to double drop AT the claim not standing in the same spot right after you find a claim

And my final tip that will save you PED when the mining is bad just stop! Find something else to do, if you really have mining fever find a new spot that is a completely different location. Best would be to wait half a day or a whole day don’t mine angry it is never good.

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