Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Return of the Virtual Trader

I have few things on my mind and I’m not sure how to start. In this post and may be few more I will talk about my future plans in Entropia Universe, Calypso Land Deeds and the risk of buying them, Shops, Trading and reselling in Twin Peaks and may be some other stuff.

Some of you may know that I had 2 shops on Planet Calypso in Emerald Lake Mall with more than 500 item points. I was selling a lot of items from Calypso and Rocktropia. I was selling my items and items for other people with small profit for me. Then in November 2011 MindArk announced that they will start selling deeds from Planet Calypso with 27% to 30% ROI and I realized that this is better investment than a shop. With shop you must work a lot for smaller profit. So I sold my shops even with big loss in the price to buy as much CLD (Calypso Land Deeds) as I can. The problem is that soon I started missing my shops. Once you owned a shop then just hunting, mining and crafting is just not enough for you. Entropia Universe is RCE (Real Cash Economy) game and thinking how to make money and making them is half (or even more) the fun. You can’t just go with your big wallet and hunt all day and have fun all the time. And with a shop you can sell most of the loot with low MU for 1-2 PED profit instead of selling it all to the trade terminal and feel bad that your loot doesn’t have MU.

So I started making a plan for the next few years. First I needed to get enough CLD so I can reinvest the income from them in shops and enough items and resources to be able to trade without depositing every week and still be able to hunt and mine when I want. I think I will get to that point with my next deposit. But all that money into CLD is risky. If something bad happens to the game CLD have 0 TT value and I won’t be able to withdraw any money. So my next move is going to be buying a shop and then buying with the revenue from the CLDs items and resources equivalent to the price I paid for all my CLDs. In case game goes dead I will withdraw the money I deposited and move on. I don’t believe this will happen, but better safe than sorry. This will also give me shitload of items and resources to trade with and play big.

Speaking of playing big, recently I read the Trading log of Igor Babaroga1x. His goal is to make 60 000 PEDs with just 500 PED as starting investment. Later this year I will have a lot more free PEDs in my PEDcard and I will probably by my avatar cool looking clothes and start buying resources for my shops in Twin Peaks. I want to have one big shop just for ores and energy and then one shop for guns and armors and then another for mindforce. The problem here is that there are two words for people buying and selling in Entropia Universe. The first is TRADER – if they call you trader they like you and respect you. The other word for doing the same is RESELLER – if they call you reseller they hate you and wish your computer to die from nasty computer virus. So if I invest only will CLDs I will make more profit and everybody will like me and if I start trading in Twin Peaks I will make less profit, work hours daily buying resources and risk to be hated. Anyway I will probably give it a try and start trading log. Now there are tons of hunting and mining logs and just one for trading.

Something else that may slow my plans is the big sale from MindArk in the end of January 2013. If it is something really good and I can afford it I will put my PEDs there instead of more CLDs, shop and items.

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