Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disabled Interplanetary Teleportation

Important Changes

June 16th

With the introduction of space, you will see several changes and more dynamics to Entropia Universe. Besides from the thrill of exploring space this new dimension of the universe will provide new entrepreneurial opportunities; space pilots, prepare yourselves for a new age in the transportation services!

The space release next week will also include two important changes that you might want to be prepared for: disabled interplanetary teleportation and planet bound auctions.

Disabled Interplanetary Teleportation

With the introduction of space and spacecrafts, teleportation between planets will be disabled and traveling through space will be the way to go instead. However, it will still be possible to teleport from CND and Crystal Palace to Planet Calypso for a fee.

Planet Bound Auctions

To further spur the interplanetary travel and economy, the auctions will be bound to each planet. This means that you can still view auctions on all planets, but for you to place a bid on an auction or collect an item, you have to be on the specific planet.

Items that MindArk put up for auction, such as the motherships after the release, will be universal. These auctions can be bid on and the items collected from all planets having an auctioneer.

Tip! As a space ship manager, remember to keep an eye on supply and demand for various goods on different planets; you will have the opportunity to retain the interplanetary trade balance.

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