Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Planet Arkadia - The Treasure Hunting Planet and Miners Heaven

Planet Arkadia is advertised as a Massively Multiplayer Online virtual world, set within Entropia Universe. Free to join and there are no subscription fees to this Sci-Fi MMORPG, and it has a Real Cash Economy pegged to the US dollar. An exciting planet centered around Treasure Hunting.
Here are some reasons why Planet Arkadia is the best planet for miners and expecialy new miners.
1.Treasure hunting is not yet enabled, but it will be soon and the people that will enjoy it most and will have the highest skills in treasure hunting will be the miners. Also they even now spend their time walking around and dropping probes looking for valuable resources. Treasure hunting will be easy task for them. In the other hand if you are a hunter you will need a lot of time and peds to get skills to use the basic mining tools and be able to search for treasures effectively. And since Planet Arkadia is centered around Treasure Hunting miners will be happy to call it home.
2.The landscape is good for walking by foot. If you are miner and you want to walk from the one end of the planet to the other dropping probes without the need to use vehicles or TP chips this planet is for you. Also the creatures are not very aggressive and let you walk and drill close to them (at least until the last version update).
3.The skills needed to use the starting mining equipment from Planet Arkadia are less then you need to use the starting mining equipment from Planet Calypso. This is very important if you are new miner. But you cannot buy Rookie mining equipment on Arkadia.
4.At the moment noob miners have the same chance as the experienced miners. Loot distribution here on Arkadia seems more like the loot in hunting where old miners cannot get better ores and en matters than the noobs. Which increase the success of the noob miners.
5.I am noob miner. I came to Planet Arkadia with almost no mining skills. For 10 days I got 2 HOFS and 1 global in mining and skilled my mining skills so I can use the Calypso mining tools on max now. And all this with very little play time.

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  1. I tried it today but I'm lost. The missions/quests don't reward anything. :(


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