Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manufacturing Settler Shin Guards with Armor Engineer level 0

Skilling on crafting armor. Not good idea. Only 56% TT return. And the Settler Shin Guards are TT food, but the crafting ingredients have 105-110% MU and that makes my losses even greater.
Today I discovered that if you hover the mouse bellow the success rate bar you will see your success rate in percentages, not just as bar.
Crafting is hard job and I will get back to hunting until I unlock the hidden skill Ranged Damage Assessment. I need just 2 more levesls in Ranged Laser (Dmg).

Manufacturing details:
Date: 01.05.2011
Duration: 30 minutes
VU: 11.9.4
Place: Planet Calypso, Amethera, Oshiri Hearts
Coordinates: 21775, 61325, 148
Manufactured Item: Settler Shin Guards
Used BluePrint: Settler Shin Guards Blueprint; Level: 1; QR: 6.1 in the beginning, 20.1 in the end; Book: Armor (Vol. I)
Tier Upgrader: 2
Laser Weapons Engineer: 1
Tailor: 1
BLP Weapons Engineer: 1
Electronics Engineer: 1
Longblades Engineer: 0
Vehicle Structural Engineer: 0
Mechanical Engineer: 0
Metal Engineer: 0
Armor Engineer: 0
Carpenter: 0
Tool Engineer: 0
Attachment Engineer: 0
Shortblades Engineer: 0
Powerfist Engineer: 0
Plasma Weapons Engineer: 0
Gauss Weapons Engineer: 0
Projectile Launcher Engineer: 0
Vehicle Engineer: 0
Material Manufacturer: 0
Enhancer Manufacturer: 0
Iron Ingot, 400: 156 PED
Lysterium Ingot, 400: 12 PED
Residue: No
Total Input TT Value: 168 PED
Settler Shin Guards, 71.49 PED
Lysterium Ingot, 142: 4.26 PED
Metal Residue, 1819: 18.19 PED
Looted BluePrints: BodyGuard Harness (L) Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED); BodyGuard Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED); BodyGuard Gloves (L) Blueprint (TT = 0.01 PED)
Total Output TT Value: 93.95 PED
Profit/Loss: 93.95 - 168 = -74.05 PED; (55.92% TT return) (Formula: retturn in % = outpu/input*100)
Success rate

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