Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The RX Storm is Upon Us!

The RX Storm is Upon Us!

RX are attacking around Cape Corinth, Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora!

Fight for the City: Cape Corinth

RX forces are gathering outside Cape Corinth and are preparing to attack the city! There can be no doubt that they are here to reclaim 'Silent Stan'.

Fight For the RX Caches: Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora

Groups of RX are also gathering in desert areas surrounding Fort Medusa and Fort Pandora.

The CDF suspect they are preparing to remove and re-conceal RX caches — in case 'Silent Stan' reveals their secret locations whilst under interrogation.

Brigadier De Souza has stated that "Colonists must stop the RX removing the caches at all costs".

L60 RX Light Gunner

L109 RX Medium Gunner

L156 RX Heavy Gunner

L298 RX Gunnery Sergeant

These are AI mobs, non-shared, spawning in non-PVP areas

East of Cape Cornith - L60

Fort Medusa - L109 to L156

Fort Pandora - L156 to L298

Choose your battlefront and fight!


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