Friday, August 25, 2017

ComPet Newsletter August 2017

ComPet Newsletter August 2017

Trinket and Strongboxes release

We are at the final stages of polishing the Strongbox and Trinket systems before release. The systems have been delayed slightly due to the vast impact we believe they will have on the game, and our desire for them to be balanced, bug-free and enjoyable on launch.

The upcoming release will feature four different Strongboxes. Three of them can be earned by completing Daily Missions in the Arena and one Strongbox which will be available for purchase in the shop. We will then study what effect these systems have on the game and listen to your feedback before we add two more premium Strongboxes at a later stage.

Tutorial and new player experience changes

We have put a lot of effort into making the tutorial and new player experience as smooth as possible. There are no more drawn out dialogues and new players are no longer forced to do things in any specific order. While there is a path we want new players to take, they are now free to explore different areas of ComPet before moving on to the next part of the tutorial. The new tutorial will also put more focus on the Arena. We believe these changes will greatly increase new players’ enjoyment of ComPet.

Another integral part in the new player experience is the introduction of New Player Tasks. These will reward new players for trying out and learning about different elements of the game, without forcing them through a linear, deterministic tutorial.


With the changes we have made to the new player experience and with the addition of the Strongbox system, we believe that retention and monetization can increase significantly. Marketing of ComPet will therefore resume shortly after the upcoming release. Our new marketing campaigns will be in line with the design changes we’ve made to the game, which means they will focus more ComPet’s competitive PvP Arena experience.

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