Friday, April 28, 2017

ComPet Newsletter April 2017

ComPet Newsletter April 2017

Streams on

We are currently exploring different marketing methods in order to select optimal channels and reach ComPet’s audience. One of these new channels is Twitch broadcasts by professional gamers and streamers.

Four streamers will play ComPet on Twitch:

AnnieFuchsia (
Shadybunny (
Pojkeen (

Be sure to give them a follow to know when they will stream!

Ranking system changes

A completely new ranking system for the Premium division will be implemented in mid-May.

The current ranking system is reported to be unfair to high ranking players. The amount of ranking points awarded for a win in the Premium division seem to be disproportionate to the punishment for a loss. This makes it likely that high ranking players stop playing at a certain rank rather than risk losing an undue amount of points. This is the opposite of what we want. Players should be rewarded for staying active in the Arena, battling a lot, and defeating high level pets. The new ranking system will ensure this.

Remember to try out the new ranking system!

Follow up from last newsletter

Focusing on Arena - continued

We will continue introducing changes to the user interface (UI) which are aimed to increase activity in the Arena. An upcoming change is a “welcome pop-up”, which will help and encourage players to subscribe to the Arena directly after starting a new session in ComPet.

This change will result in an overall reduction in time spent waiting for an opponent in the Arena.

Trinkets - continued

The trinket system has been finalized and will be implemented as soon as possible. The trinket system introduces a significant monetization opportunity that aligns well with our increasingly Arena-focused game design and marketing. Trinkets will be a main selling point for the Strongboxes that will be introduced in the in-game shop. Players will also be able to upgrade and customize trinkets as they progress, enabling them to set their pets apart from the competition and get an edge, which will also present further possibilities to monetize the trinket system.

Further details will be released in-game, on and on the official forums as the trinket system rolls out.

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