Thursday, April 28, 2016

Public Transport System and VR Stock Exchang

President of Virtual Reality Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs’ Plan to Create 3 Million Jobs with ‘Public Transport’ IPO

Job Creation Strategy Includes Revolutionary Model to Recruit Gamers to Combat Artificial Intelligence, Introduce Minimum Wage Standards in Virtual Worlds, Privatize the Public Transport System and Launch a VR Stock Exchang

Currently free in VR, transportation via teleportation is provided as a public service by game developers, which will now be privatized with ownership passed to the public via “Public Transport shares.” Funds raised will be used to create jobs by creating infrastructure across virtual worlds and VR platforms that will be built by users through gamification. “Shares” will be held in an instantly created Entropia

Universe account upon purchase. At the close of the Public Transport initial offering period, Share holders will begin to receive automatic weekly dividends paid in the form of the Entropia Universe currency PED directly into their Virtual wallet. The PED currency can be utilized across the Entropia Universe platform and participating apps or worlds for secure player to player transactions or withdrawn to PayPal or a personal Bank account at a fixed 10 Ped to $1 USD exchange rate. Shares can also be traded inside Entropia Universe between players via secure private trades or through the Entropia Universe public auction and later through the Virtual Reality Stock Exchange App.

Free public transport is used on average 1 million times per month in the Entropia Universe, the leading VR platform that features a real cash economy. As President, NEVERDIE plans to raise $1 billion USD to interconnect new worlds and platforms with the public transport system, by creating plug ins for games and worlds developed on a variety of graphic engines, including Unreal, Unity and Lumberyard and emerging Augmented Reality applications using HoloLens or Magic Leap that might otherwise stand alone. This global initiative will grow the market to 12 billion paid teleports per year by 2020 producing an annual revenue of $1.2 Billion USD. This growth will be driven by the demand for gamified VR Jobs and minimum wage standards and will only require an active user base across connected worlds and apps of 20 Million unique monthly users which represents just appx 1.25% of the Global Games market*

The “Public Transport IPO” will be followed by the launch of a Virtual Reality Stock Exchange to easily facility trade and investment in a variety of shares, deeds and virtual commodities as well as future Simulated Economy VR Companies that will expand employment and minimum Wage opportunities for users in VR.

Q. Will all teleporters require the same number of tokens?
A. Teleporter Fees will be balanced in such a way as not undermine other forms of transport.

Q. Will I be able to carry items on an interplanetary Teleporter?
A. Items transported instantly at this time will require an additional Fee which will be applied to Shipping for Space delivery missions

Q. What is the minimum amount of Public Transport Shares that will be issued?
A. The Minimum number of Shares will be 1 Million with an $10 initial Purchase Price.

Q. What happens if the offering is oversubscribed?
A. More deeds will be issued. The more funds that are raised the better, as it will accelerate the expansion of the Transport system across more worlds and create more jobs.

Q. What happens if the minimum number of Shares issues are not sold.?
A. The Remaining Shares will be held by Mindark and may be offered at a later time at not less than market price..
Q. How will the funds raised be used?
A. 25% of all Funds raised will be used by to finance Conscription and the first wave of minimum wage jobs The rest will be used for development and expansion of the real cash economy across new platforms into Mobile and Engines that Support VR and AR and also to create Plugins to pre-existing and new Games and worlds that will support interoperable avatars, skills, items, currency and teleportation as a means to transport avatars and items across worlds..

Q. What Kind of work will be offered for minimum wage?
A. Fighting the war against AI will be gamified as will the expansion and growth of the Public Transport system. Many Jobs will relate to this. However Jobs offered in different worlds or games may follow different storylines.

Q. When will the Stock Exchange be launched?
A. Soon after the close of the Public Transport offering.

Q. Will CLD’s and AUD’s and Compet Deeds be traded on the stock exchange?
A. Yes and other Shares, Deeds and Commodities.

Q. Will I be able to trade securely on the stock exchange with an App?
A. Yes

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