Thursday, April 28, 2016

NEVERDIE wants Government forum on Entropia Forum

NEVERDIE to the comunity: 

Government forum on Entropia Forum
It's very encouraging to see passionate responses to my first initiative as VR Prez.

I (NEVERDIE) have requested that MindArk create a dedicated forum for discussion of the types of concerns we see expressed here as well as the ideas for the establishment of a truly representitive government and democratic system. If all I accomplish during my term is stirring debate and forwarding the movement to a a self governing virtual universe, then I will have accomplished something.

If we were to revert this forum to its original name Entropia Forum , then it would be appropriate to engage in dialog here, but i think we should engage in this type of discussion in a planet neutral forum..

I look forward to getting things set up so we can get the democracy into full swing.

Meanwhile , rest assured that I listen very closely and that my goal is to create a more balanced and inclusive economy that will increase the appeal of this platform significantly.

Although at first site adding fees is cause for alarm, I truly believe in the plan I have put forward as a means to address global issues and bring great opportunity and prosperity to the cirtizens of VR and EU.

Please read the press releases and know that I speak from my heart when I say that I want to empower and give value to the players for their time..

Not to say that my strategies may not be controversial or even questionable, I am sure for everyone who is already deeply invested they are disruptive but I believe they have the potential to serve The greater good.

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