Monday, May 11, 2015

Why play on Planet Cyrene

First let say that you don’t play Entropia Universe. You live in it. You play games like Diablo or StarCraft and then move on to other games. If you like Entropia Universe you stay in it for more than a decade. You decorate your apartment, build armor collection, vehicle collection, make friends, trade, invest and constantly improving your avatar.

One of the newest planets in this universe is Planet Cyrene. But why anyone will want to go there. It is just 1 playable server compared to 30+ of Planet Calypso. It is still beta unable so far to make the “hard launch”. Major systems from MindArk are still missing for the core gameplay of the planet. They are still unable to make their 10 event for the 10 years of Entropia Universe. The holiday gifts are still not gifted to players. There are still a lot of bugs.

But I was surprised when I landed on the planet. I played only few days now, but I understand that 1 server can give you more fun than 30. Actually most players on Calypso play on one small spot for months hunting the same mob on the same place. I was exploring Planet Cyrene for 2 days and found a lot of interesting places that I will show you in details in future posts. There are a lot of hunting, mining and crafting missions. NPC here and there giving tasks or asking you for help killing something or supplying them with recourses. Even spawning mobs for you to kill them.

The NPCs (non-player characters) are the reason I love this planet so much. Most NPC have unique and well chosen names. They are not all humans. You can see NPS from different factions. Some look like Krogans from Mass Effect. Some like giant flies with spears. You immediately start liking some of them and want to help them.

The faction idea is also very cool. There are 5 different factions you can help in the game. This way every player will not have the same experience, armor and weapons on the planet. I can choose helping Turrelions, while other hardcore gamer can help the Zekkonians and we can have different path with different rewards. At the moment you can only help ARC (Acacia Rebirth Corps) but we can expect that with the hard launch there will be a lot more missions and factions to choose from.

Another great idea is the map upgrades driven by the player activity. It makes you want to go and play more to unlock that next cool upgrade on your favorite land or mob. And when there are more servers with even more areas to unlock and upgrade it just blows my mind.

Speaking of great ideas we can’t miss the badges. Certain cool missions or areas or items are unavailable for you in the beginning. You must collect badges to unlock them. First tier is 200 badges. That means may be 2 months or more doing missions. You can’t just come on Planet Cyrene with your big gun and tons of money and buy everything you want. You will be rewarded for actually playing the game, not just for buying stuff.

And let’s not forget the PVP. It is still in early access state, but if you want to have fun killing your friends this is the planet to be. I still haven’t tried everything, but there is EVE playground with something like underwater PVP. There is the Hub with different arenas. Weapons and armors just for PVP zones. I will have to play more there to understand how it all works.

And you can even play some mini games. There are 2 instances at the moment where you can jump around and get rewords for successfully getting to the end. You can repeat that every day for free or for a fee if you want for bigger reword.

Some NPC require you to supply them with materials which make you keep your loot or sell it for better price.

Animations are very good. If I remember right Cyrene team has very good animation division and you can see it in the game. In addition to the mobs there are additional effects that make them more realistic as they move or attack.

I can write more about Planet Cyrene, but for now let’s say that the planet has soul and feels alive. It feels like Mass Effect where you start to care about the characters and want to help them. I am here from 2 days but can remember more of the places because they look unique and with purpose. I think I can play for months without getting bored. If you want to find out more about Planet Cyrene don’t follow this blog. I will show you different places you can visit in details also different missions and items.

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