Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to farm A.R.C. Faction Badges on Cyrene

First thing I was wondering when I come to Planet Cyrene was how to collect A.R.C. Faction Badges. I will try to make the Ultimate Guide to collecting A.R.C. Faction Badges on Planet Cyrene. There are daily and non-daily missions that reward you with A.R.C. Faction Badge. Let start with the daily quests.

1.Probably the easiest quest to get A.R.C. Faction Badge is (Get Sweaty!).
First you have to teleport to 0x101 Supply Depot Teleporter at 138444, 77215, 101 coordinates.

Then go to Andrina - Sweat Collections at 138512, 77280, 101, she is the A.R.C. Sweat Trader.

She will give you 1 A.R.C. Faction Badge if you give her 500 bottles of Vibrant Sweat. And this kind of put price on the A.R.C. Faction Badge. You can buy 500 Vibrant Sweat for 1 PED so you can get 1 A.R.C. Faction Badge for 1 PED. So you will need 200 PED or 20$ to get 200 1 A.R.C. Faction Badges.


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