Friday, May 8, 2015

You and your pet screenshot contest awards

The "You and your pet screenshot contest" has received many exciting contributions from places all over Entropia Universe and we would like to start with sending a big Thank You to all participants for their individual contributions.

The job of the jury was to single out 4 images based on creativity and overall aesthetics and we are glad that we have found 4 contributions that not only matches these criteria but also shows the diversity of Entropia Universe with very different avatar styles and from four distinct locations.

Here are the winners in place 1-4:

1:st place goes to avatar Magnus Svarog Henriksen for his exotic screenshot from the Corinth area in the northwest part of Eudoria. The image manages to capture the close affection between the avatar and his ancient Exarosaur pet on a sunset beach in a way that simply made our jaws drop.

2:nd place is awarded to avatar Roslyn Kaz Farstar for the lava-hot picture of her flame throwing Chirin Dragon pet and a spectacularly well timed sci-fi fashionista-look swordplay pose.

3:rd place takes us to a jungle setting where avatar Alaina Bonnie Knight at first might see a bit out of place in her not so khaki colored and outback-fitted clothing. The image composition with a dancing Eudorian Devil pet and high contrasts in color still manages to capture the feeling that your Avatar can be anything you want inside Entropia and that your pet of choice really can enhance that experience.

From exotic to lava-hot and jungle settings, 4:th place takes us to the rocky mountains of Thule where avatar SpikE SpikE Odets is playing with his Corinthian Kanin in the snow on a mountain peak as the sun paints the landscape in a spectacularly warm and welcoming color scheme. The extra rabbit ears also gives this image a subtle and yet playful tone.

We wish all the winners the very best and hope that you will have much fun with your new rare pets.

As we have received many more talented, fun and exciting contributions that is worthy of notice 6 additional runner-up prizes in the form of Pet name-tags will be awarded. The avatars that will receive these honorary Pet name-tags are:

Una Griph Alconbury

True slimpek Hunter

Ea Aia Nou

Lola Ulpuana Lola

David Hoek Liode

Milton Osga Hastings

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