Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rocktropia vu notes 9 dec 2014

Rocktropia Dec 9th 2014 VU Notes:

Stable managers added to Tangerine and City of Dreams.

Pet buffs now available. Puny panther Spawn added to the isle of the Lost Avatars (The Deed for this land area is still available for 15 Million bananas, see Zombie kong if you are interested)

Taxed Lands in North reduced, mobs affected include Werewolves, Possessed Wolves.

The outer circle of Hell is now accessible to Explore, this area is still in development. Currently only Oil and Lyst can be mined...

Hunting and Mining Taxes in Hell reduced to 2.5%

King Kong map fragments found on Zombie Kong are being analyzed and we are close to a breakthrough in understanding the nature of this Map... Announcement could come soon. Keep collecting in the meantime

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