Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New player want to take control over more than 10% of Planet Calypso

New player want to take control over more than 10% of Planet Calypso

If you are wondering who is he at the moment it is known that he is from USA joined planet Calypso forum around November 2014 and has the forum name LuckyMan87.

He must be really lucky because he has 1 million dollars to throw at his video game. And what are his plans to do with that 1 million. Here is short summary from the man himself.

My CLD Aquisition

To add some clarity to prevent rumors that may have an impact in a market which I am investing in:

1. I will acquire if the market allows 6,000+ CLD

2. I will purchase them directly in bulk until it is no longer possible before utilizing the ingame auction.

3. I am approximately 400 CLD shy of 2000.

4. No I am not going to buy Planet Calypso, Or any Planet for that matter.

5. I have no plans on selling them any time soon.

6. Clearly I would not be purchasing these if I did not expect the value to dramatically increase in the next 2 years.

7. I am contemplating the purchase of either a group of land areas, or shopping center (mall).

8. I am lobbying for there to be a better affiliate marketing program which will allow revenue to be passed to the player based on the life of accounts that are brought to the game (Profit Sharing of Decay). I know this currently exists for planet partners, but a system for players would help dramatically increase the user base.

9. I will be lobbying for other systems I think would have a very positive effect on the economy and provide longer term stability.

10. Any questions feel free to PM me, I will try to be as transparent as possible to avoid any rumors.

Q:Is it even possible for you to be able to affect "the system", "the devs" and "the game" so much so that you’re able to "lobby" for something to be implemented?

A:Excellent Question.

I think the best answer I can give you is to wait for a couple of weeks until I implement a system which will inevitably bring more power to the players. If you would like specifics please feel free to PM me. I think what this game has been missing is a unity among players for the benefit of all. You don't realize the financial power all of you have together, and its impact on directing this company actively, rather than currently passively.

He is also interested in Event Quality Control

I have noticed many issues appearing during events which could be expected to a certain degree, however I think there should be a certain process that is put in place to ensure a much smoother rollout of future events on planet calypso.

Start / End Times being triple verified before being implemented by more than one person.
Point / Time System Functionality
Have a check list they physically go through before putting it on the live servers.

I have a feeling this does not currently exist internally and if it does it is rather limited. In an effort to keep the masses happy, I strongly believe this should be implemented to allow for a better gaming experience at event time.

Perhaps a bit of transparency as to what Quality Control by Mind Ark actually occurs would be helpful.

Feel free to make any suggestions, as if this is read by the right party it would be helpful to them.

And is also looking to buy Calypso Land Areas

I am currently seeking out land areas on calypso that come complete with DNA. Please do not waste my time with an extreme overpriced offer. I am ready to pull the trigger on the right deal, so save me the time negotiating.

I am not interested in DNA where creatures have less then 800hp.

Thank you for your time.

Land Area: Formicacida Nest - OLA#21 for 140k

And few expensive items:

-Improved FAP tier 1,9 for 80k peds

-Unlimited Level 8 Amplifier for 200k ped

-Supremacy Male UL 7 Parts Full Amor

With all this in mind we can assume that:

-He is old player with developed avatar and knowledge about the game.

-He is rich.

-He has some programming or organizational skill and want to use them with Entropia Universe.

For me there are 3 ways he will make difference to the other players.

1.The price of CLD and land areas will rise after LuckyMan87 take control over more than 10% of CLD.

2.The political system will be controlled mostly by this man.

3.“I think the best answer I can give you is to wait for a couple of weeks until I implement a system which will inevitably bring more power to the players.” – Not sure what he is talking about here, but sound like something big for the small players.

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