Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Planet Arkadia New Creatures and IFN Recruitment Center

New Creature - Pandi

The IFN Science Department have discovered another new native species.

The IFN is just about done with the initial scientific tests to determine if they pose a serious threat to Arkadian colonists or if there isn't much to fear from them. For now the Science team urges everyone to approach the waters at the west of Sentosa with utmost care, as these creatures now referred to as "Pandi" seem to not enjoy company in their domain.
Expect to see them following next Version Update.

New Creature - Arkadian Hornet

Victorious Firebase have been invaded by a native insect. The IFN scientists have named it the Arkadian Hornet due to it's striking similarities to earths various hornet species.

Be warned! They have a nasty sting so come prepared.

Expect to see them following next Version Update.

IFN Recruitment Center

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