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Planet Arkadia Trading Cards - Alpha Core Edition FAQ

Planet Arkadia Trading Cards - Alpha Core Edition FAQ

Q: Is this like hearthstone?
A: No, these will be in game and have a purpose

Q: What are the stars on the cards?
A: The stars are to indicate how rare a card is. 1 star being common and 6 stars being rare.

Q: Images / Items / Mobs, what do they mean?
A: These are allocated to the card and design for each. There are many categories, it is just the pane at what is shared in that edition.

Q: What does Alpha Core Mean?
A: This is the edition of the card collection. There will be more to added in the future, each bringing with it a new opportunity.

These cards are a collectible, we will offer certain rewards if you collect them all, Sometime there might be trade for certain cards and finding the right combination and handing them in, might present a special item or give you the opportunity to participate in something.

Q: Will these cards clog up my inventory or will there be some sort of bp type book for them (and are they stackable - oh, and lootable)?
A: These cards will be stackable and lootable. There is no book for them atm, but I can tell you we are working to create one as this collection will be one of MANY.

Q: Are these real world or ingame purchases.
A: Yes, there will be real life sets available.

Q: Do they drop now?
A: They are lootable at the moment.

Q: Are these in any way related to the Compet app or not?
A: These cards have nothing to do with Compet Deeds.

Q: If there are real life cards, do you get a rl one by buying the in game one from a terminal? Also, does having a card give you a combat pet (comepet) associated with the card?
A: No, by obtaining them, you will not get a RL card. There are things to do to obtain the Real Set. Think of it like this, if you obtain the whole collection, there will be a trade offer made on the forum. So pay close attention.

Q: Where do I get these?
A: These cards are being released in the new update.

Q: I may be reading more then you mean, but let me ask anyhow.
Are the cards for two types of players, the 'collectors' and the 'participants', meaning those who want to get all 31 Alpha Core cards and put them away in the collectors-book versus those who will hand them in for a reward.
About the handing in: because you say 'finding the right combination' does that mean that also, for example 3x Nusul + 5x IFN Droid + 2x Togolossi + 1x Armoury might be traded in for an item?
The cards themselves look cool, not a fan of the Badger though, that one looks to me more like a toy-toll.
Would be fun to see what this all leads to.
And one last question: how common or rare are these cards going to be? 1 Star as easy as a mini and 6 Stars as rare as, well, what gives the notifications of the kind like 'Ardorj found a rare Sandiresh Alpha Core Tradingcard!' in chat?

A: To answer, yes, they are for both kinda of collectors.
With regards to the combinations, there will be a forum request / trade being done for certain cards at certain times. So it is a massive interaction trade.
and yes, there will be a message for the rare card.

Q: This all looks really promising and fun but need to ask if these items will be user bound?
A: As stated before, these cards are not user bound as that would defeat the purpose of trading - so to answer the question, No, they will not be user bound.

Q: Dylan can we make those trade cards poker cards so i can make some real money in this joint?
A: hahaha
Q: I still like the triple triad idea for this
A: There is so many things planned for those cards. Those cards have a trading purpose.
We will offer certain things for a complete collection of cards and once you trade the whole collection to us, we will give you a limited item that can only be bought during that time. But then again, if you hold on to your cards. There will be another set released. Bring in both sets and you will get a better item. Then there will be a third, and if you bring in that collection, it will be something even better and it will grow and grow. And the fun part is it is completely up to you. Cards will drop in all professions.

Q: Are certain cards going to be tied to certain professions?
A: Maybe xD
If my calculations are correct, which they usually are (Smirk) there is 3 cards that if sold to the right buyer can bring you about 2000 ped each.

Q: Is there any limit to how many sets you can collect up before handing them in to boost the reward?
A: There is no limit
Q: Items from cards will be (L) or Ul ?
A: Let me say this, We strive to release some nice UL items but we need to balance it.

Arkadia Official Dylan: Here is a quick question to you all. Just asnwer yes or no. Would you buy an Arkadia plushie if we make them? yes, a RL item. And one more question. Would you buy Arkadia Memrobilia?

Q: 3d printed models of guns, vehicles etc, replica & weapons or armor, and fashion clothes
A: You are reading our minds now. So just know this, it is in the pipeline, so there will be goodies in the near future.

Q: Is it possible to collect them and miss all opurtunities to trade them and be stuck with nothing even if you paid/looted 10k peds of cards?

A: Cards (Alpha Core being first series) will be around for a season. Once the season is finished, trade for prizes type promotions will finish (a new season will begin). At that time the cards are a collectible and you will be given an opportunity to complete your set (details to come later on how). Much of the events around the cards will be focused on who can get the collections first, although as Dylan pointed out, we'll also have mini events where a recipe of cards might win a prize.
The size in game is the same as the Treasure maps, so they do look great when placed on a coffee table etc.

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