Friday, November 21, 2014

RX Units swept in and stole several of the caches

CDF Announcement

RX Units have managed to seize the first caches excavated. As several of the mining platforms reported they were close to the target, the CDF dispatched elite teams to extract the caches. However, the robots seem to have intercepted the signal and met the CDF teams with a massive assault force at each point.

Taking advantage of the battle, small squads of RX Units swept in and stole several of the caches. Where they were unable to do so, they instead opted for destroying the technology, even going so far as to sacrifice themselves if required. That the RX continue to claim neutrality while interfering so blatantly in human-robot affairs is of course unacceptable. This destruction of CDF property is an open act of war, and we shall respond accordingly.

All RX units are now to be considered enemies of Calypso and the Federal Empire. Any assistance to or harboring of RX Units will be considered an act of treason. While the CDF currently has no knowledge about the location of the RX, scouts and satellites have been tasked with finding them. Any reports of their location will be made public to ensure they are swiftly hunted down.

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