Thursday, November 20, 2014

CLD price is too low

In one of my post I was concerned that the price of Arkadia Underground Deeds is too high and the payouts will decrease making the Calypso Land Deeds better and obvious choice for investment. And everything is still true. AUD are selling even for 10% less than their initial value.

The only thing left out of the equation is the time. With time the price of CLD is and will be going up slowly but surely. It was 130 USD at the time of AUD, now is around 140 USD. And some day it will hit 200$ per 1 CLD. And somewhere at that point investing in AUD is going to be better than investing in CLD. And it will all start to balance itself. When CLD price rise and with will (probably) the price of AUD will rise also.

So if I can change my statement from ‘AUD price is too high’ to ‘CLD price is too low’.

The price of CLD will be linked to price of everything in the game. Once the price gets too big to be good investment (and this will probably happen after 2-3 years) investors will move their peds to different opportunities like shops, land areas, trading commodities, slowly increasing the market value of everything in the game. Even haircuts and facemask. Until then happy hunting and hoard as much CLD as you can.

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