Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The speed of game evolution

The speed of game evolution

Games are developed and changed really slow if you ask the players but it is what it is. EVE Online decided to go for direct control of their ships after 10 years of not making it. But this is because they are desperate. What is important here is this post from 2011 almost 8-9 years after the game was ready and more than 10 years after the idea.

“Ever since the beginning of Entropia Universe, our grand idea has been a universe with planets surrounded by space. Now, this concept is finally taking form. Basically, this is the reintroduction of the space ships, but in a totally new setting, compared to pre-VU10. You'll be able to take a space ship and fly through space, travelling between all planets in Entropia Universe. Of course, space is not just traveling grounds, but the place for space battles, pirating, logistics, gaining good or bad karma and much, much more.”

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