Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.2

Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.2

June 24th 2014

New Content:

New Mob: Mokhat
Name: Mokhat
Type: Jeef mutant
Location: Jelly Area

Description: An Insian-at heart with gelatinous body; the clear, amniotic aspect of his skin allows him to retain Nawa energy longer, which is how he survives the region's harsh environments. The Mokhat can be dangerous when he feels threatened, and emits Nawa glows from his viscus.

Introducing New Lines of Clothing.

New Textures Blueprints.
New mobs Hide for several mobs that can be Refined into mobs Leather.


Technician glowing appearance fixed.
Rocks and Vegetation fixes.
Various terrain optimization.
Balancing adjustments.
Several mobs spawners adjusted density for easier traveling.

Known Issues:

Specific bush type is glitched, due to heavy Nawa exposure to its roots.

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