Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PC against Consoles War

Now when I think of it I am going to play only the last 2 good games that are not on consoles – Entropia Universe and Star Citizen. Entropia has too many controls for console (but I guess you can play with keyboard on the consoles, not to mention its complexity. And Star Citizen is too much detailed for consoles too. Chris Roberts declared war on consoles from the beginning of Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign.

I understand why Microsoft, Sony and big game developers want people to play on consoles, but they are stopping the progress of games by making Gameplay easy enough for 5 year old and lower down the graphic (for reference see WatchDogs or other console game that looks awesome before release and after release graphic is castrated) of new games so they are playable on consoles. Even Diablo 3 was simplified so you can play it with just 1-2 buttons without even thinking.

And if you have the money of Microsoft and Sony you can order the music. Game developers will make games for your consoles when they smell the money. And PC will get only small budged indie games. And here comes the last 2 defenders of the PC – Star Citizen and Entropia Universe. And every responsible gamer should play them and show the console a$holes that we want realistic graphic and gameplay that actually makes you think a little more than a chicken wondering where to poo.

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