Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CLD vs AUD vs BAD comparasion

Calypso Land Deeds vs Arkadia Underground Deeds vs Battle Arena Deeds.

We are getting a lot of options to invest our money into Entropia Universe now. If we don’t count the options where you have to work to make money there are 3 options now to invest money and get passive income without moving your finger. First came the Calypso Land Deeds, then the Arkadia Underground Deeds and in 2015 we can expect Battle Arena Deeds.

Let’s start with Arkadia Underground Deeds because Arkadia did mistake there that in my opinion make AUD less desirable than CLD. They said they won’t develop the underground anymore because this is not fair to owners of other land areas. But they said they will use the income from unsold deeds to advertise the underground. So with ever decreasing budged for advertisement and every time they introduce new land to Planet Arkadia one cannot hope for increase in the payout, but just the opposite – you can expect that AUD will pay less and less in the future.

Contrary the Calypso Land Deeds have the potential to increase the payout indefinitely. In reality the income from CLD is declining since they were introduced, but the hope and the dream that they will pay 5 PED or even 10 PED per week is always there.

So from CLD and AUD we can choose CLD. But it is hard to predict how the Battle Arena Deeds will perform. In the statement from MindArk we can see they used the magic line so the hopes and dreams are alive: “Revenues generated from the Battle Arena Deed offering will be used exclusively for Battle Arena development and marketing.”. That's what people want. To know that when you spend money to invest and play some will go for improving the gameplay and payouts for the deeds. The other plus of BAD is the price. It will be 10 times cheaper than the CLD. It is easy to deposit 10$ to buy BAD, but you have to deposit few months without playing to save for a CLD that cost 100$.

MindArk always seem to find something to sell that is better then everything you seen before in the game. But after they released CLD I was thinking that they are too good and there is no way they can come up with something better. But that Battle Arena Deeds may turn out to be better. It seems the future is in mobile devices and if we assume 20 000 – 30 000 people are playing Entropia Universe, that require powerful PC, it may turn out that 300 000 will play the mobile and web browser part of it. Or may be no one will play it. There is not much information at this point, but for sure we have interesting time before us in the next year or two.

And one more thing: They are ‘valuing’ that Web-Based Battle Arena 2 000 000 USD, they ‘valued’ Arkadia Underground to 2 000 000 USD too. I won’t say it is too much, but I’m starting to think they ‘sold’ Calypso too cheap, just for 6 000 000 USD. I think it was going to sold for 12 000 000 USD too.

And if you still don't know what the Battle Arena is:

A web-based Battle Arena game is planned for early 2015. The game will be developed as a cross-platform solution available on the web and for mobile devices, and will have direct ties to the Entropia Universe taming! system. Players will have the opportunity to acquire, upgrade and customise their pets for battle against the pets of others.

Entropia Universe participants will have the ability to acquire Battle Arena Deeds and share in the revenue and excitement of the Battle Arena action. 200,000 Battle Arena Deeds will be offered via the Entropia Universe in-game auction and upcoming webshop at 100 PED each. Revenues generated from the Battle Arena Deed offering will be used exclusively for Battle Arena development and marketing. More detailed information about the Battle Arena Deeds will be made available very soon.

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