Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Affiliate System is active from some time

Few days ago MindArk announced that “Work is moving forward on the affiliate program mentioned in the State of the Universe Address 2014, though the expected release date has been revised to 2015 due to integration requirements with other planned projects.” But I noticed probably few months ago that some people already have affiliate link. First I noticed this on Pig Benis YouTube channel and now on his website where you can see he has affiliate link . And also you can see that Entropia Life website also has affiliate link

Now we know there are at least 2 affiliate links and they open character creation page. We can’t be sure if Pig Benis and EntropiaLife get some profit from those links yet.

So the system is kind of ready but MindArk are waiting for “other planned projects” that will be integrated with the affiliate system. Sound cool – it will be more than just the usual affiliate system that you see in EVE Online for example.

UPDATE: It seems November 2014 OpaloMan aka oztwo aka Jeff Mathewson got his affiliate link that point to Planet Arkadia.

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