Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Political System in Entropia Universe

The first time I read about the Political System in Entropia Universe I and probably most of the players assumed that this will be some sort of voting system where MindArk ask players at some voting terminals questions like “What weapon do you want to see next?” and players choose from 4-5 options. But now I think it will be way more complex system than that. More like real world political system where people vote for some player to get a position like president of Planet Calypso or Mayor of Twin Peaks. Position that will give him power different than the power of money that the dividend of the CLD gives. May be such Mayors will have the power to change taxes of some new land area or decide where next Miss and Mister Calypso will take place. The president may have the power to get all illegal Arkadians out or close the Calypso Space Station flight to Rocktropia. May be players will be able to vote what society to control some land area and receive tax from it.

But this is just me thinking for 5 minutes. If MindArk spent 2-3 years thinking on the idea of Political System in Entropia Universe it will be way better than that. Something never seen in a game before. This may sound like a clich̩ but at least I don't know of something like this. And seeing that the Political and the Citizen systems goes together it is safe to say that you will need to have Calypso Land Deed to be able to vote. And the more you have the more power your vote will have. It will be like in real life Рrich people will decide the future of the masses. And we will see new profession in Entropia Universe РPolitician. And Politicians will fight not for loot but for the love of the citizens.

The bad news is that the political and housing system is still in the initial design and development stage. As with the taming system, is expected to roll out in several stages during 2015. Long wait, but you will have more time to buy more CLD and vote for me one day. If you want more blog posts.

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