Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The landscape of ROCKtropia has been altered forever, citizens and visitors alike are advised to check the “New Map” before venturing out!

The future is bright, so long as we can hold back the Zombie hordes and discover the cure!

ZOMBIE KONG continues to terrorize Zomhattan, the waves of Zombies surrounding him are out of control! Please do what you can to contain him! We are preparing a Massive Campaign to Recruit New Players to assist in the Battle! You are Not Alone! Hang on as long as you can!

in the meantime a ROCKTROPIA Homeland Security base has been established to protect The City of Dreams from the Undead!

Loyalists will “Share” in the loot! For safety all new ROCKtropia arrivals will Spawn at the CND Lagoon as New Harlem is too Dangerous. Please assist them, hold their hands, nurture them, one day they will grow up to fight and party beside you.

Valuable Resources have been Discovered in the Arctic, but to protect the future from Contamination all off world Goods have been restricted!

Crafters and Traders are requested to manufacture and stock local goods for Arctic Explorers!’

But BEWARE The THING. it is Still out there! New Arrivals are Advised to Sign up for a Tour of Duty and earn valuable Free starter Equipment.

3-18-2014 VU Notes:

ROCKTropia – March 18th VU Notes. (actually 19 March)

  • Increased Zombie Flesh Drop Rate
  • Increased Rotten banana drop rate.
  • Werewolf Spawns increased
  • Werewolf Mission Broker added
  • Vampires returned
  • Vampire Mission broker added.
  • Banana Weight Reduced
  • Vinyl Weight Reduced
  • Lemmy’s Castle added
  • Beer Garden Added
  • Mining Resources from Old Servers Consolidated
  • Werewolf Mine instances added Somewhere
  • Iron Quests restored
  • Mission chains fixed
  • Zombie Kong Wave Spawner Fixed (17 Waves – Reduced lvl Kong)
  • New Loot added to Kong
  • Mineral Resources added to arctic Server
  • Item Restriction added back to Arctic – ROCKtropia Items only. Mindforce implants will be removed.
  • Event Forts Added.
  • New Island areas added to Zomhattan Server.
  • City of Dreams starter Area Refurbished

Known Issues:
  • Horny Little Devils Still invisible
  • Some Forum Trolls Textures still messed up
  • Motorhead Royalty Spawns not in stadium
  • Lemmys Castle Mobs need re-organizing.

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