Monday, March 17, 2014

David Dobson Interview 15 March 2014

  • treasure maps will be used after VU
  • no comment on arkadia underground
  • VU still going ahead on 18th
  • <bunch of insight on dev & build process>
  • spaceport being considered, there is a concept, but work still happening. floating city.
  • aware of arkoin drop rates, no more comments
  • miners will find the vu interesting
  • melee amps are not caly exclusive, ark is working on it with caly & ma (but it did not sound to me like they would have own amps out on 18th...)
  • not happy with item drops from oratan events, has been communicated to ma in strongest terms
  • Ark put 6 months of development into game core in making oratan events and are still working on it, inc improving the backend management of it
  • planning to possibly do server restarts ~1 day before big events
  • two versions of veicle coming, suborbital and orbital, first would come earlier and be ark version of helicopter dropships in game as models after vu
  • new ui - sound like this is really exciting, might not be 100% finished at launch.
  • David has a feeling that MA is paying more attention to forums and player feedback, but is worried that it will all be drowned out in overly large amounts of negativity.
  • user controlled mobs are tons of fun, sounds like it would be possible for players to do it, but ruleset is not in place atm. Possibly user vs user as mobs combat & events.
  • Taming talk doesn't sound like its not really close or done ...
  • utility taming - have a pet robot you can send and drill for you when mining
  • cute pets that follow you around ... also pet breeding
  • 6 months to morphing, 6 months to utility mobs, maybe 6 more months to something more advanced. but speculation, esp timelines.
  • no plans for real life items in arkcoin broker for now. no plans to change arkoin broker items in this update, maybe next.

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