Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcoming Planet Arkadia

So it happened again. First drop and I hit big in mining. I came to Arkadia for the Oratan attacks but when they were over I decided to go mining. I forgot to put my finder to look for treasures so my first drop was just for ore and en-matter and I didn’t find anything. Then I remember I can mine for treasures too on Arkadia and I adjusted my finder. For a second was wondering to drop on the same spot or fly to new spot and drop for all 3 resources. I decided to drop one just for treasure at the same spot and BAM 271 PED HOF Aarkan Pellets. Then I did 150 PED mining run and finished around 200 PED profit. That is on 3 of February 2014. On 4 of February did another 150 PED mining run and finished with small loss. On 5 of February I go for another small 100 PED mining run and BUM 163 PED global Banite Stones. So so far I am like more than 300 PED profit since I am on Arkadia.

The interesting thing is that this happens to me for like 4 times. Coming to Arkadia and getting a HOF or a global with the first drop. Strange really. And for all my mining here on Arkadia I usually get good mining loot on some parts of the map and bad on others. And that’s kind of constant since the planet is online. This may be quite different for another avatar, but for me one part of the map mostly suck in my peds and then they move under the ground and stockpile at a spot in the other side of the map and there I hit it.

If I could move those resources to my shop on Calypso I would be happy, but now I sold them on the Arkadian auction. Pretty fast actually. I expected to wait 7 days but they sold after 1 day. And I put 2 stacks of around 300 PED.

On a side note Celeste Quarry looks less populated than before. Probably the reason is the before there was the NPC for Viceroy armor and a lot of people come for that armor and spent some time at Celeste Quarry. People were defending from the Oratan attacks and now there is another event Magurg Annihilation keeping the hunters busy.

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