Friday, February 7, 2014

Entropia Universe Winter Games 2014

It seems that MindArk has some cool event comming with the next version update. They just posted this on their web page:

Welcome to the Winter Games!

As many parts of the world prepares for the Quadrennial Winter Games so does many Entropians.

While the availability of Winter Sports activities still are scarce within the worlds of Entropia the enthusiasm for the games still seems to reach an all time high this year.

As Avatars gather from all corners of Entropia to try out wonderful and daring sports as seen mirrored from the shores of the Black Sea we are proud to be able to send you the latest updates from the Entropia Winter Games on this site.

Our reporters in the field have just sent us this fascinating image from the Torch Relay run, taken just minutes before it will set light to the Flame of the Winter Games.

... Let the Games begin!

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