Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Version Update 14.1 Sneak Peek

Since the upcoming Version Update and Planet Partner release has been postponed, we thought our participants might appreciate an early peek at some of the new features that Version Update 14.1 will bring.

A new Quest Tracker interface will be implemented which, as the name suggests, makes tracking currently active quests a breeze.
Another nice new feature is that the item information panel now displays the actual level of protection offered by unlimited armor parts which are below maximum TT value.
A few of the other features you can look forward to in Version Update 14.1 include:

  • Lower global thresholds for low-level creatures.
  • Global messages when special rare items are looted.
  • Introduction of planet-specific TEN Edition weapons.

Please note that the features mentioned aboved are a small sample of what's to come, and that there are many other features and improvements included in Version Update 14.1. And of course there is a boatload of exciting new Planet Partner content to be released as well.

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