Friday, March 1, 2013

Earn PEDs from StuffPoint

I am always looking for different ways to earn some additional PEDs without going to the bank. If you remember one way was to play Diablo 3, sell items for real dollars that comes to your PayPal account, withdraw from PayPal to your bank account and from there deposit to Entropia Universe. But this will work only if you play all day and/or be really lucky to find very rare item with very good stats.

Today I learned about Stuffpoint . You can earn points by completing different task, answer polls, play games, watch videos, join fan clubs and so on. But the best part is that for reward you can select PEDs. I am going to try this way to help my avatar advance even more in Entropia Universe. Also if you register with my referral link I will even get a bonus. Click here to register:
Someone earned 138 493 points for the last 30 days. You can get 96 PEDs for 12 000 points, so he made 1104 PEDs or 110 USD for the last 30 days. I know not everyone can get so much points, but so far it seems like small work for few free PEDs (or whatever other reward you choose, I am just interested in PEDs). There are also other rewards like Second Life Linden dollars, Bitcoins, Ultimate Game Cards, Steam games and all kind of real life items.
Now there are 2 clubs about Entropia Universe - Entropia with 519 fans and Entropia Universe with 29 fans. Join them and you can upload your pictures and videos about Entropia Universe and earn more points.

Update 1: I started yesterday and today I have 119 points. I learned that doing 1 poll per day gives you 5 points for just 1 click and visiting your home page gives you another 5 points every day. From there you can do different task that probably are different depending in which country you live. And from there you can add quality videos and pictures to your favorite clubs for more points. And if you refer the site to your friends  you will receive 15% of the points they earn and slowly get to the point to pay for your game time in Entropia Universe with what you earn on Stuffpoint.

Update 2: You get some points if you share your content on Twitter or Facebook. Also I think if people like your content you get even more points. Also There is Prize Button you can press every day for more points. Click Earn points then win points then Points Button to see how much point you win today. And I am now on 124 points looking for other ways to get some points.

Update 3: It's 7 of March 2013 (6 days since I joined) I have 398 points and it seems most points I get for uploading videos and pictures to the fan clubs. I upload 1 per day and I get from 12 to 100 points for participating in clubs and then if I share it on Twitter or Facebook I get 5 more points.

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