Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Entropia Universe 12.8.2 Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • An issue preventing new arrivals from being able to log in to the Planet Calypso startroom has been corrected.
  • Several issues causing server instability have been corrected.
  • Several issues related to redemption of skill rewards for completed missions have been corrected.
  • Item information is now displayed for items placed in shopkeepers.
  • The browse tab is now disabled while construction is in progress.
  • Tools no longer unequip themselves automatically when they decay below minimum condition.
  • Health points once again display decimal values.
  • An issue causing the crafting interface current page to display a value higher than total page count has been corrected.
  • In the crafting interface, it is no longer possible to select a higher number of attempts than remaining attempts.
  • In the crafting interface, when remaining attempts reaches zero it will become highlighted in red and the construct button will become disabled.
  • The content download requirement for the Genesis startroom has been corrected, lowered to ~400 MB of data.

Known Issues

  • Client freezes when the "pause download" button is pressed in the dynamic content download interface while in a startroom.
  • The death animation of running creatures can be delayed by several seconds in certain situations.
  • Several issues arise while using the auto-craft feature of the new construction interface.
  • The item information panel does not display properly for weapons and items that have been placed in a shopkeeper. The items still work normally, but the information and enhancer panels are blank. This issue will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

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