Friday, October 19, 2012

Newsletter No 1 to all Entropians

Yesterday I recieved the folowing newsletter from MindArk in ma mailbox:

Gothenburg, Sweden -- October 12, 2012 -- A new crafting system was revealed with Entropia UniverseVersion Update 12.8. The new system makes crafting easier and faster, and greatly streamlines the process for participants who engage in manufacturing items.

There is no more need to open your inventory and a blueprint book to access a particular blueprint or materials in order to craft an item. The new crafting interface does all this for you automatically by scanning your inventory and storage for available blueprints, as well as resources and materials, giving you the ability to easily craft an item without excessive effort.

Other exciting features include the ability to sell crafted items directly to the Trade Terminal, as well as a detailed log summary of each crafting run. Quick access to the auction also allows you the ability to view buy-and-sell orders to replenish materials needed to craft items.

The following photos showcase the design of the new crafting system interface and display a selected blueprint for crafting. It clearly displays the materials required to craft the item, and if the materials from inventory or storage were available, that data would also be shown.

In addition to the updated crafting system, phase one of a major overhaul of the loot system was implemented with this most recent Version Update. The goal of these progressive improvements is to give more interesting and balanced loots for creatures of all levels, and to introduce newly-designed items that are waiting to be discovered. Future improvements will further refine the distribution of looted resources and items, creating a better balance and exciting hunting experience for participants of all skill levels and gear.

Mission balancing has also been affected with a new Attribute Token system giving partners the ability to award fractional attribute rewards for easier missions, and also allowing participants to decide when to apply earned attribute rewards to their avatar.

Log on and check out the new version update!

Regards from the Entropia Universe Marketing Team

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